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5 Ways to Leverage Your Company Culture as a Small Business


It’s a sad fact that the largest companies in an industry or an area have an operating advantage over small businesses. They have the money, the manpower, and often the governmental backing to compete at a higher level. But that doesn’t mean the so-called little guys are doomed to get steamrollered by Corporate America. Being… Read more

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I’m a Small Business and a Minority – How Can I Compete?


Minority businesses are fueling small business growth in the United States. The number of minority-owned businesses is experiencing rapid growth in part because their demographic is growing. The 2010 census reported that minority business owners were outpacing their non-minority counterparts at more than twice the national rate. That same census also predicted that by the… Read more

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Lisa Bradley: North Carolina Entrepreneur Turns Her Experience on The Oprah Winfrey Show into a Mission to Help Others


In 2006 on the brink of divorce and close to losing everything, Lisa Bradley and her husband Steven appeared as guests on The Oprah Winfrey Show. They were featured as participants of “America’s Debt Diet,” as part of Oprah’s challenge to America to encourage people to get out of debt. According to Lisa, the challenge… Read more

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Snow Day Survival for Your Business


Do you remember when you were a kid and used to get really excited about the prospect of snow? You dreamed of school cancellations, playing outside on your sled with your friends for hours, and returning inside to add a thick layer of marshmallows to a cup of steaming hot cocoa? That was before you… Read more

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Keeping Your Small Business Small – Tips to Stay Hip, Trendy and Small


The “elbow” is a sweet spot for a lot of things: communication, purchase prices and small business. For a company, as size increases so do profits and effort required…until you hit the elbow. At that point, both profits and effort skyrocket. Not every business has the opportunity to choose whether or not to push beyond… Read more

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5 Helpful Tips to Use Social Selling Platforms on Instagram & Facebook from TopShelf Style


  The eCommerce industry has many different platforms, programs, bells, and whistles now with the popularity of shopping online, but it still will always and forever be about making an emotional connection between either a buyer and a product or a client and yourself as the business owner. Social selling is a hot new Internet… Read more

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How Small Businesses Can Make Big Impressions with Loyalty Programs


Customer loyalty is the lifeblood of many small businesses. When you have customers who keep coming back to buy from you, again and again, it’s cheaper and easier to keep your business running. Loyal customers bring you bigger profits and also can serve as your company’s best word of mouth marketing – because the people… Read more

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3 Focused Steps to Use Google PPC to Compete With “The Big Guys” [WEBINAR RECAP]

using google ppc like a pro

Thanks to everyone who was able to attend our webinar this week where we covered a few advanced topics on how to grow your business using Google AdWords and Pay Per Click advertising, in partnership with PPCPath. This was a follow-up to a webinar we hosted in January, 4 Steps to Create An All-Star Local Paid Search Campaign In… Read more

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Small Business Owners: Are You Adequately Preparing For Retirement?


As a business owner, you’re probably used to having a lot on your plate – budgeting, drafting business plans, hiring employees…and setting up your own retirement plan.  The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America conducted a national study of small business owners (SBOs) to gauge their views on retirement.  Below are their key considerations: What… Read more

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Savvy IT Business Owner Encourages Other Women to Give Tech a Try


Barbara Jones is sure that the world is ready for more women who want to excel in the field of Information Technology (IT). “My company is iLilli RNB and we are a retail IT company specializing in point-of -sale and in mobile application development,” Barbara says. Barbara isn’t worried in the least that she is… Read more