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The Rise of the Deletist Consumer – and What it Means for Your Small Business


  When was the last time you were excited to get an email from a company? Even when you chose to sign up for the company email list, even when it’s a brand you enjoy buying, even if it’s a good deal or a big cost savings being offered, chances are that marketing emails are… Read more

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What is Marketing Automation Software?


Do you have a hard time nurturing prospects into customers and turning new customers into repeat customers? You’re not alone. A recent study found that 47 percent of business owners are using manual methods to manage their clients, contacts and leads. Even worse, 9 percent of business owners aren’t using anything at all. The study… Read more

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AppsFlyer Helps Facebook Advertisers Calculate ROI for Campaigns


The majority of social media advertising is happening on Facebook. And while the company has taken steps to assist businesses in optimizing their campaigns to create maximum impact, it’s still difficult to determine the exact return on investment for Facebook advertising spend. Enter AppsFlyer – the ad performance company has just created a way for… Read more

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Four Latino-Owned Businesses Making a Mark in Hawaii


Latinos continue to make big contributions to the American economy. Data from the U.S. census indicates that for the period between 2002 and 2007, the number of Latino-owned businesses in the United States increased by 43.7 percent to 2.3 million, more than twice the national rate of 18 percent. In Hawaii, Latinos are also making… Read more

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Microsoft Launches Groundbreaking Project GigJam And Rethinks How We Collaborate At Work


This week Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella unveiled a powerful new app called Project GigJam, which helps coworkers communicate and collaborate on projects. As workforces become more geographically dispersed through remote working and travel, GigJam lets project owners delegate tasks and share specific parts of project work with their team to accomplish their business goals. With… Read more

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Abacus Now Helps You Reimburse Employees, 1099 Workers and Interview Candidates


Abacus, a New York technology company, is a simple and fast way for businesses to reimburse their employees for company expenses. After evaluating user needs, the company launched new features that let you reimburse interview candidates and contract employees. Abacus eliminates the need for month-end expense reports. Their mobile app lets users submit receipts and… Read more

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Franchise Your Business


As a business owner, you’ve probably heard of franchising as a way to scale your business and make more money. It’s a proven model that works. In fact, it works so well that you’re probably familiar with popular franchises like Subway, Hampton Inn and 7-11. Hampton Inn alone has expanded to more than 2,000 hotels… Read more

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Supply Chain Management Software for Small Businesses


The idea of a “supply chain” might sound like it’s only for big companies with massive factories and lots of vendors and moving parts – but the truth is, lots of small businesses have supply chains too. And small business owners can benefit from using automated tools like supply chain management (SCM) software to make… Read more

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Financial Management Lessons from NBA Free Agency


The NBA is going through its annual free agency period and there have been lots of players moving from one team to another and signing new contracts. The NBA has a salary cap, so each team has a limit to the amount of money it can spend on player salaries. Since every team has the… Read more

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Meet the Businesses Behind the Billion


We’re still racing toward the finish line of $1 billion of small businesses loans provided! Kabbage wouldn’t be where it is without the support of our rock star small business customers around the country, and nothing gets us more jazzed than recognizing our customers’ successes while we grow along with them. As a part of… Read more

  • Kabbage financing resembles a line of credit -- customers only pay for what they use
  • Kabbage uses your seller history and reviews to figure out how much money it should give you.
  • Kabbage uses accounting data and other metrics to approve… advances online in a few minutes.
  • … stepped in to satisfy demand from… merchants who need to pay upfront for inventory