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Strong Leaders: 5 Employees Tell Us About Their Favorite Boss


Having strong leaders can make all the difference in the world. Many small business owners decide to start their own business because of skills, confidence and expertise that they’ve gained from having great mentors in the workplace. Others never start their own company, but are inspired every day by a motivational boss. Great bosses deserve recognition… Read more


Dropbox Bumps Up Security with New USB Key Login


  Cybersecurity is a top priority for organizations, with both new and legacy technologies susceptible to hacking. Just last year, premier cloud file-sharing services Dropbox and Box exposed their data through publicly shared leaks, leaving their users vulnerable. It seems no one is safe. But this week Dropbox announced that it will let users log… Read more

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Facebook Changes Rules for Hiding Articles on the Newsfeed


  Have you ever wondered how many of your followers are hiding your posts on their Facebook Newsfeed? If you’re a business that operates its own Page, you’ve probably seen the number of “articles hidden” in your dashboard.  While this statistic may be useful in helping you create better content for your Facebook Page, it… Read more

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How to Read Your Prospects Minds with the Crystal Platform


Have you ever wanted to get inside the head of your prospects? Understand their personality? Know their likes? Be able to read what makes them more receptive to your message before you talk to them? Then it’s time to take a look at Crystal. Crystal is a new platform that builds your influence online and… Read more

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Small Business Funding Options for Native American Small Business Owners

Small Business Funding Options for Native Americans

The Native American business community is an important engine of the U.S. economy. In 2007, 236,967 American Indian- and Alaska Native-owned businesses generated a total of $34.4 billion in revenue and employed 184,416 individuals. In the same year, Native Hawaiians operated 21,111 businesses, generating $4.2 billion in revenues. Data from the U.S. census indicates that… Read more

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Simple Market Research: Affordable Ways to Easily Learn About Your Customers

Simple Market Research: Affordable Ways to Easily Learn About Your Customers

Understanding what makes your customers tick can go a huge way toward boosting your business. After all, if you know what they want, you can deliver it. If you know where they spend time online, you can market to them there. But not many businesses can afford to hire a costly market research firm. So… Read more

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The One Thing You Should Be Doing to Be an Effective Leader But Probably Aren’t

The One Thing You Should Be Doing to Be an Effective Leader But Probably Aren't

People often tend to think of leadership as being something you “do” – projecting power, exerting influence and exuding charisma to motivate people to get things done. But leadership isn’t just about being active and directing your ideas “at” other people – it’s also about allowing yourself to be receptive to influence “from” other people…. Read more

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Small Business Inspiration from Houshi Ryokan – One of the World’s Oldest Small Businesses

Small Business Inspiration from Houshi Ryokan - One of the World's Oldest Small Businesses

The Houshi Ryokan is a small Japanese ryokan (inn) and hot spring spa in Western Japan that is one of the oldest small businesses in the world – it has been owned by the same family for 1,300 years. This beautiful short film shows the inner workings of the ryokan – set in a pristine,… Read more

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How to Be a Boss That’s Not a Jerk

How to Be a Good Boss Without Being a Jerk

How can you be a great boss who motivates your team to be productive, without becoming feared or disliked? Many business owners and their senior staff often find themselves supervising other workers. If you’re in that position in your business with little experience or even little passion for the task, it can be easy to… Read more

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Are You Hurting Your Small Business by Being Cash-Only?

Are You Hurting Your Small Business by Being Cash-Only?

Every once in a while you may find yourself encountering a small business that doesn’t accept credit cards. Usually it’s a nail salon or a mom-and-pop shop, but I’ve even had to talk some freelancers out of the cash-only model. In all fairness, there are some advantages to accepting cash. It allows you to keep… Read more

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