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Meet the Businesses Behind the Billion


We’re still racing toward the finish line of $1 billion of small businesses loans provided! Kabbage wouldn’t be where it is without the support of our rock star small business customers around the country, and nothing gets us more jazzed than recognizing our customers’ successes while we grow along with them. As a part of… Read more

Kabbage Customers, Kabbage News

Race to $1 Billion: Ladies and Gentleman…Start Your Engines!


The Race: Kabbage is about to cross the finish line: $1 billion in loans funded to small businesses. There’s one major thing we want to celebrate while we barrel down the home stretch toward those checkered flags; the customers who got us here! The Team: In the coming weeks, as we make the final count… Read more

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Attracting Top-Tier Employees: How to Be the Employer Everyone Wants to Work For


With the economy gaining strength, top-tier employees often have their pick of positions, so how can small businesses compete with larger companies when it comes to attracting and retaining the best workers? The answer lies in effectively communicating ways you are a desirable employer, such as highlighting your culture of inclusion, your strong mission statement… Read more

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3 Business Owners Tell Us the Advantages of Failure


“To err is human; to forgive, divine.” Poet Alexander Pope penned this quote more than two hundred years ago, yet it’s still very relevant today in business, even in this age of advanced technology. The reality is that businesses are created and managed by people, not technologies. And, people have the ability to use bad… Read more

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The 8 Immutable Laws of Restaurant Success


Much of the advice we give here at the Kabbage Small Business Blog is general: what to do in any business, universal financial facts and news of interest to entrepreneurs regardless of industry. But not all businesses are created equal. This is the first in a series of posts with specific advice for people operating… Read more

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When Is the Right Time to Launch Your Business?


Timing is everything. This is certainly the case in affairs of the heart, but it may equally be true when it comes to starting a business. Business coaches often advise aspiring entrepreneurs to evaluate the “four Ps” of marketing – product, price, place and promotion – before they open their doors to customers. However, timing… Read more

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11 Grants for Women-Owned Businesses You Need to Know About


  Note: This article was originally featured on Entrepreneur.   In 2014, there were close to 9.1 million women-owned businesses in the United States, a 68 percent increase since 1997, according to The 2014 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report from American Express. This percentage increase exceeded the national average of small business growth by 1.5 times. It also illustrated what… Read more

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Five Critical Questions Small-Business Owners Must Ask Before Retirement


The number of small businesses in the United States has increased 49% since 1982, and the 23 million small businesses in America today account for 54%of all U.S. sales1. If you’re a small business owner, you know it’s taken long hours and dedication to succeed. And when you retire you want to make sure you… Read more

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Should You Counteroffer an Employee Who is Quitting?

counter offer employee quit

According to a recent study from LinkedIn, up to 80 percent of the workforce are considering their career options and actively or passively job searching. Workers are leaving for higher compensation and benefits, greater opportunities for advancement, better work/life balance and even higher quality senior leadership within the new firm. This reality creates a challenge… Read more

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Why Your Small Business Needs a Business Continuity Plan


What happens to your business if a disaster hits? For example, what if there is an earthquake or hurricane or tornado (depending on which natural disasters are most prevalent in your area) that shuts off the power to your business for several days, or destroys the building where you’re located? What if there is a… Read more

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  • Kabbage uses your seller history and reviews to figure out how much money it should give you.
  • Kabbage uses accounting data and other metrics to approve… advances online in a few minutes.
  • … stepped in to satisfy demand from… merchants who need to pay upfront for inventory