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How Not to Become a Social Media Casualty Like 50 Shades of Grey Author E.L. James


Using social media for online promotions can be a great tool for launching a new product. But if you’re not careful, it can go terribly wrong. In 2013, J.P. Morgan Chase cancelled a Twitter chat after just a few hours because they were getting hounded with questions and negative comments about their role in the… Read more

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Service Initiatives to Drive Your Small Business Brand


This is the decade of the social business. Companies that engage meaningfully with their community about things that matter to that community have a huge advantage over those that do not. The first and easiest way to get in on the action is to talk about what you do for your customers, engaging around their… Read more

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Real Graphic Designers Share the Secrets to Great Small Business Logo Design


We’ve talked about how building a brand is more than just choosing a logo, but your business’ logo still matters. Good logo design can help a small business stand out from the competition, attract interest from prospective customers and concisely communicate the company’s personality, values and key selling points. Even if your business logo never… Read more

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3 Ways That Attending Conferences Can Help Build Your Brand


My home state of Iowa hosts an annual entrepreneurship conference called Entrefest, where entrepreneurs come together to learn from each other, hear from top experts in various fields related to business and entrepreneurship, pitch their new business ideas and make connections with potential investors. Seeing the success of Entrefest reminded me of some of the… Read more

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Lessons from Marketing Guru Seth Godin About Building a Brand


Seth Godin is one of the world’s most influential marketing bloggers. A best-selling author, speaker and prognosticator, Seth has an uncanny ability to interpret the latest technology trends and cultural shifts in a way that reminds business owners how to navigate the latest changes while staying true to their vision and treating customers with respect…. Read more

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Rock Content Marketing: How to Double Website Traffic & Triple Customers [WEBINAR RECAP]


  Thanks to all the attendees of June webinar, Rock Content Marketing: How to Double Website Traffic & Triple Customers, with Kabbage’s own Jeanna Barrett, Head of Inbound & Content Marketing. If you missed the webinar, you can view the video playback on our Kabbage Kam Webinars YouTube Channel and view the slides on our SlideShare. Both the… Read more

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How to Take Product Image Pictures That Don’t Suck

product photography

If you’re a small business selling online, whether it’s on Etsy, eBay or on your own ecommerce site, quality product image pictures are everything. In fact, an eBay study that reviewed 6.8 million listings found that adding photos with better quality resulted in 5 percent more sales. There are some pretty hideous product pictures out… Read more

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Throwback Thursday: Running Your Own Restaurant Article Roundup


While watching your restaurant become a success is hugely rewarding, running a restaurant comes with a unique set of challenges and stress factors. While the popular restaurant failure-rate statistic of 90% has been debunked, the more accurate 60% failure rate can still seem daunting. The expenses involved can seem overwhelming, the competition is fierce, and… Read more

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Are You Making These Annoying Branding Mistakes?


Appropriately branding your business can be tricky, but some mistakes are just plain dumb. Too many small businesses trip themselves up by making simple mistakes with their brand strategy – and without a compelling, coherent story about what your brand is and why it matters to customers, your business will struggle to stand out from… Read more

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4 Cool Phone Features That Will Help Drive Sales


Improving sales is almost always at the top of any business owner’s agenda. To accomplish this, business owners focus on a variety of things, with marketing, lead generation, and lead follow through generally topping the list. But, what if I told you that you could improve your sales by upgrading your phone service? Not convinced?… Read more

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