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7 Ways for an Auto Repair Shop to Find Extra Cash When Times Are Slow


For most auto repair shops, the daily focus is on fixing cars, not generating aggressive marketing plans. If you have happy customers who rely on your services, you may already be inundated with repeat work and referrals. After all, offering quality work at a fair price is certainly a recipe for repeat business and referrals…. Read more

Advertising, Grow Your Business

Facebook Ads Don’t Suck [WEBINAR RECAP]

Thanks to everyone who was able to attend our May webinar, Facebook Ads Don’t Suck, with Massimo Chieruzzi of AdEspresso. It was our biggest webinar so far and we had so many questions we weren’t able to address that Massimo will be taking time to answer each of them over the weekend. We’ll be posting the… Read more

Business Inspiration, Rock Your Business

5 Simple Tips for Small Business Owners to Stay in Shape on the Go


Finding time to hit the gym or run three miles can be a real challenge for overscheduled small business owners. When you’re taking customer calls, dashing to the next meeting and keeping track of the books, exercise can quickly fall to the bottom of the “to do” list. Even physically fit entrepreneurs often find themselves… Read more

HR, Manage Your Business

What You Need to Know to Protect Your Small Business if You Get Seriously Sick or Injured


Leaving a corporate job to launch your business often means giving up benefits including disability insurance, a safety net which provides regular income if you are unable to work because of illness or injury. If you’re self-employed, it’s critical to protect your business to make sure it stays healthy, even when you are not. When… Read more

Know Your Business, Restaurant

Unexpected Stresses When Running a Restaurant


Many restaurant owners, even experienced ones, are hit by unexpected surprises when they open a restaurant. A nasty surprise or three can bring a restaurant to its knees. Here is what you need to know before you dive in. The Cold, Hard Facts Owning a restaurant looks great on paper. Food is plentiful and people… Read more

Fund Your Business, Small Business Loans

White House Accused of Awarding Federal Small Business Contracts Worth Billions of Dollars to Fortune 500 Companies


The White House recently canceled a highly anticipated celebration for small businesses amid allegations that the government has been awarding large companies with government contracts meant for small businesses. The Small Business Administration (SBA) intended to co-host the event but cited “unforeseen scheduling conflicts” when it was canceled. Each year the SBA releases results from… Read more

Business Inspiration, Rock Your Business

7 Strategies to Keep Work at Work: A Life Balance Cheat Sheet


It’s the paradox of running your own business. On one hand, you know that time off equals more productivity and better relationships with the people you’re doing all this work for. On the other hand, you never take time off. Even on vacation, a part of your brain is solving problems, making notes about inspiration… Read more

Productivity, Rock Your Business

Don’t Start Another 8 Hour Workday Without Reading These Tips to Avoid Sitting All Day


It’s hard to stay on the move when you have so much to do and so little time, but staying seated at work can do a lot more harm than good. Research reported by The Mayo Clinic links sitting to obesity, cardiovascular disease and cancer. And it isn’t just your health that improves by getting… Read more

Rock Your Business, Small Business Stories

EAP Consulting: A Small Business That Helps Families Financially Plan for Their Future


Even though Americans often think of our country and culture as being obsessed with money, it can be surprisingly difficult for most Americans to get good, affordable financial advice. As discussed in “Why There’s No Financial Advice for Most Americans,” most financial planners and money managers only work with highly affluent households who have $250,000… Read more

Productivity, Rock Your Business

5 Tips for Using Aromatherapy to Create a Relaxing Office Environment


Stress is simply a part of daily life for almost every small business owner. When you’re wearing multiple hats, struggling with a limited budget and trying to stay one step ahead of the competition, you definitely need a few relaxation-inducing tools at your disposal to maintain your sanity. Along with yoga, meditation and exercise, one… Read more

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