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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Wellness Programs in Small Businesses

wellness programs at work

Ever since the word got out that wellness programs could pay for themselves in the form of lower absenteeism, employee retention, and increased productivity, nearly every large business has instituted some sort of incentive or benefit to help keep their team fit and healthy. This is all well and good for the Microsofts and Nikes… Read more

Productivity, Rock Your Business

What You Need to Successfully Run a Small Business is Probably What You’re Lacking Most


Small business owners tend to be hard working, high-energy people who pride themselves on getting up early and staying up late. But sometimes the ambition and hustle that makes a small business owner successful can be counter-productive if you’re working so hard that you’re not getting enough sleep. Whether it’s long work hours or the… Read more

Advertising, Grow Your Business

Why Small Businesses Should Be Concerned About Facebook’s Newsfeed Changes


Are you advertising on Facebook? If so, the platform is making three major changes to its NewsFeed algorithm that may significantly impact your referral traffic. For the past year and a half, many Facebook advertisers have experienced a surge in the number of people who see and interact with the content they’ve posted on the… Read more

Business Inspiration, Rock Your Business

5 Small Business Owners Who Started Their Businesses Against Surprising Odds


If people only started businesses when they had plenty of seed money and tons of time to launch their product or build their client base, many of the world’s most innovative products and companies wouldn’t exist. Entrepreneurship rarely starts with a smooth takeoff like an airline passenger jet – sometimes it’s abrupt, bumpy, and stressful,… Read more

Employee Management, Manage Your Business

Formula for Success or Huge Mistake: Is Working with Family or Friends Really the Best Idea?


  Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned small business owner, you’re probably either currently working with family or friends or have pondered the thought of having them join your team. With more than 90 percent of all businesses in the United States categorized as family-owned, including some of the most successful Fortune 500… Read more

Customer Marketing, Grow Your Business

Small Business Marketing Lessons from Humans of New York

humans of new york

Humans of New York is one of the most unique pages on Facebook – it’s an ongoing everyday photography project, where a photographer named Brandon wanders the streets of New York City and takes pictures of the people he meets, and shares their stories in the photo captions. The page has 12 million “Likes.” You… Read more

Fund Your Business, Small Business Loans

Know the Rules of the Game: Coming Limitations and Curveballs to Short-Term Loans


Every year 12 million Americans turn to payday lending as a solution to their short-term financial woes. However, that number may begin to dwindle now that the federal government has inserted itself into the mix. Within the next few months, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is expected to release its first draft of federal regulations… Read more

Innovate Your Business, Sustainability

New Sustainable Research Shows What Being Sustainable Means in 2015

sustainable business 2015

Small businesses occupy somewhere between 30 and 50 percent of commercial spaces in the United States. Within those billions of square feet lies the opportunity to embrace sustainable initiatives that can make a real difference to the environment. As a business owner, you can adopt earth-friendly practices that can help you save money and save… Read more

Rock Your Business, Small Business Stories

Witness App: Helping Deliver Accurate Information to Stop Crime


Crime is bad for business. According to recent statistics cited in CNBC, retail theft – including shoplifting, employee/supplier fraud, and organized retail crime – cost businesses more than $112 billion worldwide during 2012. As of 2009, the average American family had to pay an extra $435 per year to cover the costs of shoplifting (in… Read more

Advertising, Grow Your Business

How Facebook is Helping Small Businesses Create Better Ads

facebook small business ads

Facebook has added new tools to their Facebook Creative Shop that are designed to help small business owners create agency-worthy ads. Facebook’s advertising platform has been incredibly successful with small businesses, and now the company wants to help customers maximize their investment in digital marketing. Facebook Creative Shop launched last year as a resource for… Read more

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