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Fund Your Business, Small Business Loans

The Secret Recipe for Getting a Government Grant for a Small Business

How to get Government Grants

Receiving grant money can feel like the business equivalent of winning the lottery; suddenly there is an infusion of cash that doesn’t have to be repaid. But like the lottery, it often feels like grants come down to the luck of the draw. Here’s what you need to know to improve the odds of receiving… Read more

Productivity, Rock Your Business

4 Time Management Tools to Download Today

four time management tools

With so many things to do and not enough time to get them done, running a business can seem like a never-ending game of catch up. In addition to running a business, you also have a life outside of work, right? So, I’m sure you would love to know the magic answer for how you… Read more

Grow Your Business, SEO

5 Steps to Outpace Your Competition in Google Search on a Shoestring Budget

outpace competition google search

Did you know that 89 percent of consumers turn to Google, Bing, or another search engine to find information on products, services, or businesses prior to making purchases? This startling statistic shows the importance for small businesses to have a unique marketing effort when it comes to Google search. According to Search Engine Watch, Google… Read more

Customer Marketing, Grow Your Business

Why Small Businesses Should Be Using SnapChat and WhatsApp to Reach New Customers

Snapchat Whatsapp

As the great Mr. Bowie said, “turn and face the strange changes.” Marketing tactics, media habits, and consumer preferences are indeed in a constant state of changing, and small businesses need to keep up! Two rapidly rising trends that offer exceptionally ample opportunities for small businesses are the new social and media platforms SnapChat and… Read more

Business Inspiration, Rock Your Business

10 Eco-Friendly Retail Businesses That Are Making a Difference


To be a successful retailer, you have to be competitive with your pricing, quality, and service. Yet, this sometimes isn’t enough to differentiate yourself in a saturated market. One of the smartest business strategies to set your business apart from the others is to add sustainability and green marketing as a business strategy to enhance… Read more

Innovate Your Business, Sustainability

The Easiest Way to Go Green That You’re Overlooking: Green and Sustainable Shipping Practices


Most of us try to use eco-friendly practices in our businesses whenever possible, simply because it’s the right thing to do. But did you know that being green can have a positive effect on your bottom line? A new study by West Monroe Partners shows that more than half of consumers are willing to pay… Read more

Fund Your Business, Small Business Loans

Overcoming Your Past So You Can Move Forward: Business Loans and Options for the Underserved

business loans for the least likely

You probably hear it all the time: “In America, hard work will help you get where you want to go,” or “In America, everyone is equal.” But how true are those statements? Can those who find themselves part of the “vulnerable adult population” truly get a fresh start, defy the odds, and become entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurship… Read more

Business Inspiration, Rock Your Business

Small Business Winans Chocolates + Coffees Finds Success With a Commitment to Sustainability


Small business sustainability is becoming an increasing area of concern for consumers. More companies are using recyclable materials in packaging, more consumers are actively seeking to do business with companies that use environmentally-friendly business practices, and more businesses are promoting their use of “Fair Trade” products. Consumers are interested in more than just the brand,… Read more

Innovate Your Business, Technology

Sam’s Club is Now Selling 3D Printers: 3 Tips For Small Businesses Using MakerBot


Over the past 7 years the price of 3D printers has dropped 90 percent, making it an affordable purchase for small business owners. Sam’s Club realizes the potential of this cutting-edge technology and just announced that they’ll be selling MakerBots, a cost-effective 3D printer, at select locations across the United States. What is MakerBot? 3D… Read more

Cash Flow, Fund Your Business

4 Companies Who Saved Money and Made Money by Going Green


Sustainability and “going green” have become some of the biggest marketing trends of the past few years. More big companies are launching sustainability initiatives to improve their supply chains, buy environmentally-friendly raw materials, and dispose of more of their waste products in an eco-friendly manner. Sustainable package design has become a big part of everyday… Read more

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