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How to Make An Amazing Culture Happen for Your Small Business


Why is Culture Important? Culture comprises two parts – your internal company culture and customer perception. You know what your values are, what you want to provide, and why you’re in business. Now, it’s time to infuse your business with those values, and that starts from the top down. Great company culture has all kinds… Read more

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PIP Gaming & Electronics: How One Entrepreneur Turned a Childhood Hobby into a Successful Small Business


Growing up, Peter Alvim loved to collect and trade baseball cards with his friends, but he never dreamed that he would be able to transform his passion for collectibles into a full-time career. Fast-forward to today, and Peter can’t imagine spending his life doing anything else. Today Peter and his wife are Kabbage customers. Their… Read more

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How to Be an Innovative Leader While Still Keeping the Lights On


To many small business owners, the word “innovation” might sound like too lofty of a goal compared to the daily rush of getting things done and making sales and serving customers. Even though small businesses are some of the most innovative people alive, it can be hard to find time to come up with new… Read more

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The Small Business of the Future is Powered by Mobile Payments [INFOGRAPHIC]

Kabbage-mobilepay-infographic-full-01 copy

In a time when you can use your phone to order same-day grocery delivery, or a personal driver, the on-demand generation is expecting more from their shopping experience. In fact, Forrester Research predicts that mobile payments will be the next major disrupter in the finance industry, and that US mobile users will shell out almost… Read more

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PayPal Sellers: Understanding Your 1099-K


Running a small online business is a great way to make a living. And with small business tools like PayPal, it’s never been easier to accept payments from buyers all over the world. However, there are a few tax-related complexities involved in receiving payments via third-party payment processing companies. When it comes to taxes, there… Read more

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The 10 Best Podcasts You Aren’t Listening To


One of the unique trends in the media landscape recently has been the massive rise in popularity of podcasts. Podcasts are not a “new” technology – they’ve been around for 10 years since the introduction of the iPod. But in the past year or so they have attracted widespread attention and bigger audiences, especially with… Read more

Employee Management, Manage Your Business

Inside the Mind of a Successful Manager [INFOGRAPHIC]


It might seem easy to be a manager – you can tell people what to do, when to do it, and what you say, goes. In small business, it’s easy to think that managing your employees might just looks like putting on your Boss Hat and ordering people around. Unfortunately, this type of “rule with… Read more

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How to Build a Brand on a Budget


Most small business owners are surprised to learn that building a brand doesn’t have to be expensive. Sure, creating a brand can be challenging (and daunting), but you are already working hard at it each day with every happy customer interaction, every sale, and every new product you place on the shelf or on your… Read more

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How a Working Capital Loan Helped a Small Business Expand to New Markets in 2015


The past few years of recovery from the Great Recession have been difficult times for small business lending, as many small business owners have struggled to get access to credit. Now that the economy is back on its feet, many small business owners are looking to invest in business expansions, and they are looking beyond… Read more

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Don’t Get Lost in Translation: Overcoming Language Barriers in Business


Have you considered growing your business internationally? Would your customer base increase significantly if you could effectively communicate with the ethnic groups in your local area that primarily speak another language? Thanks to the increasingly global environment in which we all live and work, small business owners have expanding opportunities to sell to customers who… Read more