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10 Easy Ways to Promote Your Business

10 Easy Ways to Promote Your Business

As a business owner, you need to constantly come up with creative ways to increase your sales, reputation and clients. To stay ahead of the competition, it’s important to continually get your brand in front of your target audience. There are a number of ways both online and off to promote your business and ultimately achieve a larger client base.

While there’s no overnight miracle, there are several easy methods you can start implementing in your business today that will help to grow your brand. These approaches can all be inexpensive, manageable, and best of all, effective.

Promoting Online

Changing Your Sales Pitch

Customers love buying items that they feel will benefit them. The benefits will always overrule aspects like cost, design or product placement. A person is more likely to buy shampoo advertised to “prevent breakage, stimulate growth and maintain color” as opposed to a shampoo that is “highly-tested and dermatologist approved”.

By focusing on a customer’s wants and needs, you can create a sales pitch that exhibits your understanding of their requirements and your desire to help. Remember that most customers make buying decisions based on their emotional response to a product, not a long thought process.

Content Creation and Distribution

A great way to increase your company’s traffic and visibility is content creation. Blog and social media posts can establish your knowledge in a field, increase your website visitors, nourish your search engine optimization and spread your message to the public.

  • Creating guest blogging posts for highly influential blogs that reach your target audience will get your name and business information in front of a new audience of targeted readers.
  • Frequently utilizing social media websites like Facebook and Twitter can provide you with a free tool that millions of your potential customers use.
  • Starting your own blog can help to establish your brand as an authority while at the same time helping to increase your traffic.

Not all of us can craft professional content that produces results. It’s important that all of the content you post on behalf of your business maintains a level of quality. Otherwise, you run the risk of ruining your business’ reputation and respectability. Considering guest posting services is the best way to produce a more consistent amount of content that cultivates the professionalism you need to appeal to potential clients.

Offer a Free Trial

When the word “free” appears in any promotion of your business a customer will jump at the opportunity. Even if a customer has no need for the product or service, there’s a higher chance they will enquire about the free item. Small businesses have been using this tactic for decades as a way to draw potential customers in.

For example, SquareSpace (a website creation tool) offers a free trial to their customers because they know the reluctance people have when deciding on a website builder. The customer can create their full website using the free trial and hopefully fall in love with the easy interface, great customer service and beautiful designs.

Cold Email Your Prospects

Email is an effective method for your prospects to learn your availability, services and get to know you better. By sending a short email with a few sentences that introduce your business, you can let your clients know you’re accepting new projects.

  • Keep it short. Your clients don’t have all day to read your emails. Most people skim over the text so be sure to include bullets, highlights and bold text for the most important ideas.
  • Make it personal. Research the client so you can include their name and relevant information to their needs.
  • Don’t force anything. A client wants to feel they are making the decision on their own without being forced or pressured.
  • Include a call-to-action. At the end include a call-to-action and signature so the client knows ways to continue the conversation with you.

Become Active

For customers to stumble upon your business, you have to put yourself out there. Simply creating an informational website doesn’t give you the full exposure you need anymore. Many business owners expect to put up a website and have clients calling them right away. Join discussion groups, business profiles, blog communities and other online social media channels to meet new networking opportunities and clients. Some great websites to join are:

  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Plus
  • Local Directories
  • Discussion Boards
  • Medium
  • Facebook/Twitter
  • Instagram

Use Existing Clients

Your existing clients can be a great marketing tool in several ways. They can offer reviews that you can post on your website and social media to give your business a sense of authenticity and build a level of trust. Exiting clients can also refer your products and services to their friends, clients and other connections. Clients will feel more comfortable with you when learning about you from the people they trust.

Promoting Offline

Business Cards

Your business may already have appealing business cards designed and printed. There are a number of other options to take advantage of your business cards other than passing them out. Your business cards can become versatile prints that serve a number of purposes.

  • Add a QR code for phone users to easily access your website
  • Make them into an item your ideal customer will find useful (for example: bookmarks, coasters)
  • Limit distribution to leads that seem solid
  • Add appointment or order forms to the back

Use Brand Consistency

Promotional materials such as pens and t-shirts with your business information have the potential to be seen by the entire town. Besides business cards, t-shirts and pens, small businesses can take advantage of other advertising spaces. This includes billboards, flyers, postcards, booklets, brochures, gift certificates, posters and more. Ensure all of the materials include the same style, colors and emotions to maintain brand consistency.

Local Networking Events

By attending local events related to your business field, you can meet and socialize with like-minded business owners and clients. This will also be a great way to expand your knowledge and learn new things in the industry. Meetup is a great place to find local events to attend.

By sponsoring an existing event or event of your own, you can maximize business promotion in front of interested clients. You have the opportunity to include your logo and business information on the decorations, employee uniforms, flyers and more.

You could also give a brief speech during the event to make the attendees aware of your sponsorship and learn more about your business. Talking with the individuals there allows them to meet the face of your company. Customers are more likely to buy products or services with an appealing face attached to them.

Sending Direct Mail

While email has become a popular way to communicate, direct mail can still be effective if utilized properly. It’s definitely not a good fit for every type of business, but there are plenty of businesses that still make a killing with direct mail.

Your clients are probably getting dozens of spam emails a day, and yours can get lost in the shuffle. By sending a physical post card, coupon or letter you’re showing your clients that you’re personal, caring and attentive; and it’s more likely to get noticed and read.

You don’t need a large advertising budget or expert marketing team to start promoting your business. By getting social and active online and in your community, you can create buzz that will engage your potential clients to learn more about you. Whether you’re an e-business or brick-and-mortar company, there’s a method for you online and off to jumpstart your business to the next level.


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