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100 Blogs Every Small Business Should Follow


Blogs can be an invaluable source of information and advice business owners can use to their advantage. Here are 100 blogs that any small business owner would be smart to follow.

Top Small Business Leadership and Management Blogs

  1. Entrepreneur.com – Advice, trends and breaking news for entrepreneurs and small business owners
  2. Harvard Business Review – Leadership and management advice and research
  3. Kabbage.com – Hundreds of articles addressing every area of small business management and finance
  4. EOFire.com – Blog published via podcast with insights from today’s most successful entrepreneurs
  5. SmallBizClub.com – Created by Tarkenton Companies (founded by NFL Hall of Famer Fran Tarkenton) out of his personal passion for small business
  6. The Resourceful CEO – Strategy, finance and operations advice
  7. AllBusiness.com – A collective blog featuring practical, real-world advice from experts across the U.S. and worldwide
  8. BizSugar.com – Content small business owners, managers and entrepreneurs care about
  9. LinkedIn’s Pulse – The go-to site for news, trends and business advice
  10. Small Biz Survival – Small town and rural business advocacy
  11. IndieBizAdvocates.com – Advocacy, news and advice for independent business owners
  12. Bloomberg.com’s Insights – What the small business owner needs to know to get ahead – and have fun doing it
  13. Quora.com – Questions and answers shared by business owners and topic experts
  14. Business Insider’s War Room – Strategy and insights for business professionals
  15. Huffingtonpost.com’s Small Business – Business news and insights from one of the world’s most-read publishers
  16. Reuters.com/finance – Newswire with breaking news and opinions on the economy and business finance
  17. Mashable.com – Dedicated to documenting and shaping the digital revolution
  18. Forbes.com/entrepreneurs – Forbes Magazine articles are specifically written for entrepreneurs and small business owners
  19. Fast Company Magazine – News, trends and real-life stories about successful small business owners
  20. New York Times’ Business Day – Business news and advice from one of the nation’s premier newspapers
  21. Inc.com – Advice for startups, growth, leadership and innovation as well as the home of the Inc. 5000
  22. Blogs.Forrester.com – Actionable guidance for business owners with blogs dedicated to professional roles such as technology, purchasing, marketing, IT and leadership
  23. Business2Community.com – A collective of thousands of articles from subject matter experts and small business owners
  24. Knowledge@Wharton – The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania’s blog with emerging trends, research and advice for business leaders
  25. SkilledUp.com – An employee training solutions provider whose blog curates leadership advice and employee training and development tools

Small Business Marketing Blogs

  1. AWeber – Case studies, trends, tools and best practices for today’s small business marketers
  2. ThinkWithGoogle.com – Google’s very own site with news, trends, tech, tools and marketing advice
  3. SethGodin.com – Marketing advice from the unparalleled sales and marketing guru Seth Godin
  4. MarketingLand.com – Covering all aspects of the digital marketing industry
  5. MarketingProfs.com – Real-world education for modern marketers from some of today’s top subject matter experts
  6. MarketingCharts.com – Surveys, reports and findings on marketing, advertising and consumer behavior
  7. The Wall Street Journal’s CMO Today – The premier business news publisher’s section dedicated to news and insights of interest to CMO’s (Chief Marketing Officer)
  8. Inbound.org – Where smart marketers go to discuss and share trends in the marketing world
  9. GrowthHackers.com – Collaboration, ideas and learning resources for marketing and growth teams (free registration required)
  10. BrianSolis.com – Home of articles on digital marketing insights, trends and predictions by Brian Solis, digital marketing analyst and futurist

Blogs for Franchise Business Owners

  1. The Franchise King – Franchise expert Joel Libava’s blog with advice on buying and running a successful franchise business
  2. FranchiseSolutions.com – Buying guides and advice for prospective franchise owners
  3. Franchising.com – Franchise Update Media’s blog featuring magazines, websites, conferences, news and articles of interest to franchise owners
  4. FranchiseDirect.com – Franchise industry news, opportunities, tips and trends
  5. Inc.com’s Franchises – Premier business magazine’s special blog dedicated to topics on franchises
  6. FranchisingUSAMagazine.com – Franchise business opportunities, advice and industry news
  7. Allbusiness.com’s Franchising – A collective of articles on topics of interest to prospective and current franchise business owners
  8. Franchise.org – Blog with articles about franchising and franchise opportunities published by the International Franchise Association (IFA)
  9. FranNet.com – Articles on franchise topics by a leader in franchise consulting services
  10. FranchisePerformanceGroup.com – News, trends and articles related to franchise sales

Blogs for Restaurant Business Owners

  1. LightspeedHQ.com – The latest in retail and restaurant news, industry insights, and advice
  2. Restaurant.org – Articles on a wide variety of restaurant industry news, trends, reports and challenges restaurant business owners face
  3. Notey.com’s section on Restaurants – A curated news feed from some of the nation’s top publishers with articles on restaurants and the restaurant industry
  4. RestaurantEngine.com – Eclectic collection of restaurant industry-related topics published by a restaurant web design firm
  5. RestaurantMarketing.com – Restaurant marketing and sales-building insights by Joel Cohen
  6. The Restaurant Manager’s Office – Leadership and management advice for restaurant owners
  7. Marketing4Restaurants.com – Advice, tools and best practices in restaurant marketing
  8. GourmetMarketing.com – Dedicated to marketing advice for restaurants, bars & hotels
  9. NextRestaurants.com – Smart digital marketing ideas for restaurants
  10. Grubhub.com’s The Tip Jar – Expert advice and resources for restaurant owners and restaurant industry workers

Blogs for Salon and Spa Owners

  1. 12monthsofmarketing.com – Salon marketing and leadership advice and marketing calendars
  2. Bangstyle.com – Styles, how-to and beauty industry photos and articles
  3. Veerlon.com – Beauty industry news, trends and advice for salon owners
  4. Harms-Software.com’s The Business Side of Beauty – Tips for salon marketing and management
  5. ModernSalon.com – Style, news and beauty industry business articles for salon owners and stylists
  6. Americansalon.com – Feature articles on trends, professional development, style and business topics
  7. ProBeauty.org – Blog articles published by the Professional Beauty Association, the U.S.’s premier beauty industry advocacy organization
  8. SalonMonster.com – Resources and advice for salon owners and beauty industry professionals
  9. SalonPlaza.com – Hundreds of articles on a variety of salon business and marketing topics
  10. Phorest.com – Beauty industry news, trends, reports and advice for salon owners

Blogs for Minority and Women Business Owners

  1. NAWBO.org – Blog hosted by the National Association of Women Business Owners
  2. MBDA.gov – Blog hosted by the Minority Business Development Agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce
  3. LittlePinkBook.com – Advice and opportunities for women entrepreneurs and home of the annual Pink Empowerment Event
  4. SBA.gov’s resources for Women-Owned Businesses – Dedicated resources hosted by the SBA (U.S. Small Business Association)
  5. BlackEnterprise.com – A collection of blogs dedicated to serving the needs of minority business owners
  6. Minority Business Entrepreneur Magazine – News, trends, information and resources for minority entrepreneurs
  7. National Minority Business Council – News, resources and events for minority business owners
  8. Entrepreneur.com’s Minority-Owned Businesses – Dedicated to news, resources and advice for minority startup and small business owners
  9. Entrepreneur.com’s Women Entrepreneurs – Advice on leadership and professional development written specifically for female entrepreneurs
  10. Women’s Business Development Center – Resources for women business owners and entrepreneurs

Blogs on Social Media and Social Business

  1. SocialBusinessNews.com – Coverage of enterprise social media, collaboration, governance, technology and change management
  2. ConvinceAndConvert.com – Advice, news and best practices on social media and content marketing
  3. SocialMediaExplorer.com – Thousands of articles on how to use social media to promote a business
  4. SmartBlog on Social Media – A roundup of stories and articles on social marketing topics
  5. SocialFresh.com – Articles on social media and the home of the Social Fresh Conference

Blogs on PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

  1. WordStream.com – Blog addressing Google AdWords marketing topics and home of PPC University, a free guide for learning AdWords
  2. SearchEngineJournal.com – News, trends, reports and case studies about search marketing and home of the annual SEJ Summit
  3. SearchEngineWatch.com – Search engine marketing news, trends and advice and the home of ClickZ conference and learning resources
  4. HubSpot.com – Articles, white papers and reports on organic search marketing and its integration within the marketing strategy as a whole
  5. Moz.com – Articles to improve organic search marketing efforts and home of industry guru Rand Fishkin’s “Whiteboard Friday”

Even More Blogs Small Business Owners Should Follow

  1. National Retail Federation – News, trends, advocacy and reports on the retail industry and consumer spending
  2. Selfstartr.com – Expert advice in blog and podcast formats on how to get started in ecommerce
  3. BusinessOwnersIdeaCafe.com – Articles on a wide variety of topics for small business owners and information about small business grant programs
  4. SBA.gov – Articles, legislation, financing and educational resources for small business owners hosted by the U.S. Small Business Administration
  5. FedEx.com’s Small Business Center – Business-growth and management advice for small business owners
  6. Score.org – One of the largest networks of free, expert business mentors in the U.S.
  7. Chron.com/business – The Chronical Newspaper group’s collective of news, trends, opinion and advice for business owners
  8. Adobe’s CMO – Resources and advice for the Chief Marketing Officer from design software giant Adobe
  9. Contently.com – Case studies, stories and best practices for using content marketing to drive web traffic
  10. InternetMarketingNinjas.com – The latest in digital marketing news, notes and chat
  11. BigCommerce.com – Ecommerce news and expertise
  12. ChannelAdvisor.com – Articles highlighting digital marketing channel news, advice and tips
  13. Springwise.com – Weekly bulletin featuring articles on emerging technology, business models and trends
  14. Econsultancy.com – Resources and advice for today’s digital marketers
  15. HelpScout.com – Stories, articles and advice related to improving the customer experience

Resources like these top 100 small business blogs can help with nearly any challenge you might encounter. Make sure to take advantage of the free resources, white papers and advice these industry experts have to offer.

What about you? Is there a blog you think we missed? Share it with other business owners in the comments below or tweet it to us @KabbageInc.

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