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15 Tips to Increase Sales During the Holiday Season


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With one week to go before Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Small Business Saturday, we hope that you are ready for a busy holiday sale season! If you haven’t already started prepping your small business for this time of year, it’s not too late to start now.

One thing we suggest is adding new marketing and promotions strategies to help ramp up your holiday sales. Why should you focus on adding new sales strategies you ask? Because all of your competitors are doing the same! You want to ensure that you’re staying competitive this holiday season, while also providing a great shopping experience for your customers.

At Kabbage, we know that planning for the holiday season is no easy task, which is why we have asked Kabbage customers, as well as some of our favorite business experts and small business advocates, for their must-do tips and tricks on holiday season planning that we can share with small business owners.

We gathered all of these tricks into a course of 15 tips delivered on a weekly basis to your inbox. Count these tips as your support and action-plan during the holiday season.

To give you a few highlights of these 15 tips, below are some key tips that have been shared in our holiday course. Make sure that you sign up for upcoming editions. And if you’ve missed previous editions, we’ve got you covered! You will also be able to download past editions after signing up.


Week 1: Be Ready for Customer Service Challenges

Be ready for customer service challenges. As prepared as you are, shipping and returns issues are unavoidable. Kabbage customer Emmanuel, from Satin Lined Caps, recommends planning for the increased customer service volume by making sure you have ample, trained customer service staff. Also, be prepared for systems and technology to go down by making a list ahead of time of whom to contact for help.


Week 2: Holiday Inventory Management

inventory management

You can use a software as a service, or SaaS, with inventory management features to keep track of things. With SaaS, your inventory data is stored away from you “in the cloud.” You can use any device with an Internet connection to sign into your account and see where things stand, plus prevent employee theft.


Week 3: Holiday Money Management

money management

Expand your product offerings. Add gift cards to your line of products or services. Besides being quick to purchase and giving recipients more flexibility, gift cards infuse cash into your store immediately. Sell More & Get Paid Quicker Consider these tips on how to increase your sales and get your money faster from VISA’s 2012 holiday guide (an oldie but a goodie that we love here at Kabbage!)


Week 4: Avoid Holiday-It is from Infecting Your Business

Deborah Tutnaer

Deborah Tutnauer, Small Business Advocate, Entrepreneur and Business Success Coach, shares that Holiday-Itis is defined by high anxiety-compelling social media posts to “buy, buy, buy!” and Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas marketing blasts that feel inauthentic and out of line with your company’s normal communication strategy. For businesses that don’t deal in consumer goods, perhaps a better approach to the holiday season – to maintain sanity and the very crucial authenticity of your brand – is to NOT succumb to the pressures and instead be strategic in how you market through the holiday season.


Week 5:  Holiday Season Employee Management

Bring back the best. Reach out to your best seasonal employees from previous years. You’ll just need to update their paperwork and do minimal training to catch them up on your newest products or services. Offering an extra incentive, such as a slightly higher pay rate or an additional employee discount, can sweeten the deal to re-join your team. Consider hiring disabled verterans as seasonal help. We’ve put together a blog post on the benefits of doing so.

employee management


Week 6: Manage Shipping & Returns Like A Boss This Holiday Season

Our business expert, Liquidity Services, shares that with gas prices down, shipping companies are spending less to deliver your products. You know what that means? Now is a great time to renegotiate shipping rates and pass the cost savings on to your customers. This can yield more sales and increased revenue, as high shipping and handling fees are one of the primary reasons customers abandon their shopping carts.



Week 7: Email Tips to Skyrocket Business Growth

Janet Attard

Business Advocate, Janet Attard from Business Know-How, recommends to ask for the Shopper’s Email Address Build your email list every day by asking customers and prospects to sign up for your email list to receive special offers, sales notices or advance access to new merchandise. Have signup links on your website or blog and in your social media posts. Put signs near your cash registers with Text-To Subscribe instructions (get details from your email service provider), and put a flyer promoting your email list in every shopper’s bag.


Week 8: Planning Your Holiday Promotions, Sales and Advertising

Try some new marketing and advertising tactics to attract customers:

  • Going into the holiday season, focus on building your audience on social media and through your email list.
  • Update your social media profiles and pages with holiday-branded promotional material using your cover and header photos for Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Partner with other local businesses to cross sell complementary products and services throughout the holiday season to drive additional interest while boosting your customer service.



Week 9: 8 Items You Can Check Off Your Holiday List, Starting At $5 Each

Fiverr social media

Our business expert, Fiverr, makes it easy to get all of the elements you need to make your business holiday-ready without breaking the bank. In fact, Fiverr services start at just $5 each! Giving your business some of the season’s cheer will make your customers smile and will improve your chances of generating holiday-related revenue. One suggestion from Fiverr is to hire a graphic designer or illustrator to put a holiday spin on your Facebook page, or any social media platform, with a custom-made holiday cover photo that attracts new customers.

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