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10 eCommerce Blogs That Are Must Reads


10 eCommerce Blogs That Are Must Reads

Online retailers are a true force of nature. They’re able to close more sales, land new financing, make sure all shipping orders go out by the end of the day and handle customer requests with finesse. On top of all of that, some ecommerce business owners make time to share the lessons they have accumulated over time on their blogs.

We have looked high and low for the best ecommerce blogs to keep up-to-date on the latest industry trends. Whether you’re starting out in your ecommerce venture or you’re already a seasoned professional, here are 10 ecommerce blogs that are must reads.

  1. 500 Hats (Formerly known as “Master of 500 Hats”)

Having lived in Silicon Valley for over a quarter of a century, Dave McClure is a well-known figure in the tech startup scene. Through this global venture capital fund 500 Startups, McClure and his team have invested in more than 1,000 startups in more than 50 countries.

First at Master of 500 Hats (here’s Dave’s handpicked list of best posts) and now at 500 Hats, McClure has been blogging for a long time on entrepreneurship, web analytics and conversion. Don’t let his potty mouth fool you; his presentations on ecommerce metrics are choke-full of actionable items.

  1. A Better Lemonade Stand

After working with the Growth Team at Shopify, Richard Lazazzera decided to go on his own with the mission of helping and educating early stage ecommerce entrepreneurs. Through his blog A Better Lemonade Stand, Lazazzera helps about 20,000 entrepreneurs on a wide variety of topics.

He has a useful blueprint on how to optimize your shipping strategy and discusses other in-depth topics about shipping, such as drop shipping.

  1. Guy Kawasaki’s Blog

One of the Apple employees originally responsible for marketing the iconic Macintosh in 1984, Guy Kawasaki is a Silicon Valley marketing executive. By pioneering the concept of “evangelism marketing”, Kawasaki has built a huge following of professionals seeking to become better at pitching and selling.

No matter what your industry is, you’re going to have to convince people to invest in your company, buy your product, or join you in a business venture. Guy Kawasaki’s blog is packed with tips on how to create the best presentations possible, deliver a great product or service demonstration or select a co-founder.

  1. Nerd Marketing

After building a multi-billion-dollar design ecommerce brand, Design Public, and selling it to private investors, Drew Sanocki founded a consulting agency that advises large online retailers and a marketing agency that executes those projects. In 2014, the Harvard University and Stanford alumnus generated over $100 million in transactions through his agencies.

On his Nerd Marketing ecommerce blog, Sanocki gathers useful summaries related to growing and operating ecommerce enterprises.

  1. Occam’s Razor

Best known for his two best-selling books “Web Analytics 2.0” and “Web Analytics: An Hour A Day,” Avinash Kaushik is the digital marketing evangelist for Google and sits on the Board of Advisors of several universities.

Through his blog Occam’s Razor, Kaushik teaches how to leverage the full power of Google Analytics (a free web analytics tool) to gain better insights about your ecommerce site. For example, he provides a step-by-step guide on creating five key custom reports and analyzing your site’s funnel strategy.

  1. The Official Blog of Polyvore

Former Google employee, Jess Lee is the co-founder and CEO of Polyvore, a community-powered social commerce site that Yahoo acquired for a rumored $60 million.

The Official Blog of Polyvore borrows a lot from Lee’s own writing and presentation style (here’s Lee on the concept of “fake door testing”) and that’s why it makes this list of ecommerce blogs that are a must-read. Polyvore’s blog is a great example of a perfect marriage between clean UX and click-bait. Each post is a template that you could repurpose for your own blog or email newsletter.

  1. Seth’s Blog

Author, entrepreneur, marketer and public speaker, Seth Godin is a very prolific writer. On top of his 18-bestselling books, Godin has been writing at Seth’s Blog since January 2002 on how to deliver no-nonsense marketing.

His articles are timeless. For example, his piece on permission marketing (a strategy for building email newsletters) is as relevant today as it was back in 2008.

Most of his posts can be consumed in under five minutes and they keep on arriving on a daily basis. By getting down to the main point right away, he has accumulated a massive following (over half a million people follow his Twitter account that just releases updates of new posts).

  1. Skip McGrath’s Online Seller’s Resource

Back in 1997, Skip McGrath and his wife closed their small antique shop in New York’s Hudson Valley. After two years of traveling across the nation for fun, Skip wondered whether he could sell the remnants of his antique store on eBay. He joined eBay in 1999 (you can find him here) and has been working full-time on the platform since 2002.

As a long-time Power Seller, he has helped thousands of eBay sellers with his book, including “The eBay Power Sellers Manual” and “The Complete eBay Marketing System.”  McGrath is very active on his blog Skip McGrath’s Online Seller’s Resource, which covers a wide variety of ecommerce topics, such as how to be successful working with wholesale sources.

  1. Steve Blank

Best known for his book “Four Steps to the Epiphany,” which launched the lean startup movement, Steve Blank is an entrepreneur and entrepreneurship college professor.

On his website, Blank posts interviews with entrepreneurs from all walks of life who deliver great advice on a wide variety of topics, including ecommerce, based on their own experiences. Blank keeps things interesting by intertwining audio excerpts of the people he interviews into his blog posts. He also provides a rich list of startup tools, which keep close to 200,000 visitors coming back again and again.

  1. The Whine Seller

Written by PowerSeller and author, Hillary DiPiano, The Whine Seller covers a large range of information related to buying and selling on eBay and Amazon. Leveraging over two decades of ecommerce experience, DiPiano shares her strategies on social media, marketing, productivity and self-publishing.

While DiPiano is best known for her top business hacks for eBay, Amazon and Etsy, she also provides advice on alternative marketplaces, shopping cart solutions, tools and ecommerce options. She’s down-to-earth and down-to-business, providing actionable advice, such as how to improve your selling assistance service skills.

Do you know of other noteworthy ecommerce blogs that should be in this list? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @KabbageInc!