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Customer Service is Vital: 5 Ways to Go Above and Beyond

You got into the ecommerce business to make money, to create a presence, show the world your genius idea, or maybe just because you wanted to see if you could. But the one thing you cannot forget is your main focus should be on your customers! One way to show appreciation for the people that pay your bills is to have a cracking good customer service model. Here are five ways you can boost yours.

1. Have a Phone Number

It’s not enough to have a FAQ and an email address. Though you might think it will get abused, you need to have a phone number where your customers can talk to a real, live human. We’ve all been on the other end of this, yelling at the computer screen when the “customer representative” gave us yet another stock answer or completely misinterprets what we wanted. Having a human being on the other end of the telephone eliminates this. It’s also much faster than waiting for an email response. A telephone call is one and done.

2. Spell Out Your Policies Explicitly

To reduce issues and lower angry emails (and now, phone calls!), carefully read your business policies on your website and make sure they are understandable to everyone. Approach them as if you were a first-time user. Have some friends (and enemies) read through to see if there’s anything you missed.

Clearing up problems now before they occur will save you many headaches later, and can also prevent unexpected revenue loss.

3. Watch the Carts

For every order you get, you’ll probably encounter ten abandoned shopping carts. People do this all the time; think of the last time you visited Amazon and shopped around, did you end up buying all the stuff in your cart? The same thing does or will happen on your site, guaranteed.

Watch these abandoned carts, as there may be an opportunity here. If they signed up and provided an email, send them a message thanking them for their time and ask if anything was wrong. Not only do you make a connection with your customers so they might come back, if there WAS something that went wrong, you have a chance to fix it up.

4. Facebook Page and Twitter Account

Don’t neglect your social media duties, either! Having a proper Facebook page and Twitter account will give you even more opportunities for customer service. Watch for comments and replies on both feeds and engage with a real dialogue, showing all your fans how well you deal with issues.

As with email, though, time is of the essence. If you let a post by an angry customer stand for too long, the problem could quickly escalate, leading to more problems! Answer issues as quickly as possible to prevent customers thinking that you are oblivious to their needs.

5. Add a Little Something Extra

In New Orleans, they call adding a little something extra to the purchase lagniappe. Did someone buy a lot from you? Add a piece or two to the lot. Or if you sell jewelry, invest in some pretty velvet boxes to send it in. There isn’t a woman on earth who doesn’t gasp when she sees that powder blue Tiffany’s box.

How do you go above and beyond with your customer service?


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