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5 Things the Small Business Bill Can Do For You

In case the buzz all around the Internet hasn’t reached your browser yet, the Small Business Jobs Act bill has passed in 2010. Now, what does all this hustle and bustle have to do with your small business? Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the things the small business bill can do for you and your company.

1. Expand

With potential loans and tax cuts available, now may be a good opportunity for you to expand your business. Been thinking about that new fall line of clothes to promote in your ecommerce store? Jump on it! Been hesitating on opening that second storefront or jumping online with a virtual store? What better time than now?

2. Hire

You know you’re swamped, so take this opportunity to hire a few new coworkers and future friends! Not only are you helping your mental state, you’re helping out the local economy and inspiring even more growth.

Especially consider hiring some new employees to help with advertisement. Even something as simple as tweeting about specials and new products can help boost sales, and having someone dedicated to doing this can ease your workload.

3. Advertise

Speaking of advertising, consider expanding your presence! Even if you don’t hire any new coworkers, work in a little more Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn time during your day.

Or, concentrate less on social media and send some of those excess funds to a team to make a commercial! There are plenty of creative people out there who have great ideas on how to turn your business into a brand with a viral campaign.

4. Go Green

We won’t judge. We know cutting corners saved much-needed money in the tough economic times. Even today, though technically the recession is “over,” you probably still feel the pinch of each penny. Some of these corners probably hurt your environmental footprint. But it’s not too late to turn it around! Not only does getting back into the Earth’s good graces help us all, customers will appreciate the effort which may help sales!

5. Take Risks

Looking back, you’ve probably been playing things relatively safe considering the state of the economy. Even though the virtual economy has experienced growth, things have still been tough all over, and it’s only made sense to not take unnecessary risks.

Now, though, some of your wilder ideas can rise to the top! Take some extra time during your day to daydream the craziest things your brain can concoct. Even if you don’t use any of them, now’s your chance to think outside the box!

And remember, bill or no bill, Kabbage is always here for you, providing fast funds for online sellers!