Expert Predictions for Holiday Season 2011

No matter what niche you sell within, someone out there is trying to predict what will be the big blow-out item this holiday season. And you should heed this advice! The predictions may not be 100% accurate, but these predictions are often made by industry vets, who have a pretty good idea what’s about to blow up.

And often there’s a nugget of truth in what they find. If there’s a rumor about a hot toy, it’s quite possible that fire caused that smoke! Just around the corner is the next “Tickle Me Elmo,” and you don’t want to miss out!

Follow Your Niche

When you went to find customers to buy your product, you followed the scent to where they hung out. Your core audience congregates to hang out, discuss the trade, and overall commiserate on how much they like the same thing. You joined their ranks and let them know how they could never live without your product.

These people are going to be the ones that know what the hot ticket items are this holiday season. They know all the rumors, they talk to the experts, and have probably been discussing it for months already. Hit them up and ask them!

Social Media

Speaking of asking people, the world of social media can be your guide through your search! In fact, you may already have the clues you need on your Facebook page. If you regularly talk to your customers they more than likely have started to discuss what big news is going on in the industry.

If not, don’t hesitate to put out a few feeler questions to the masses! Part of trying to figure out what the big items will be this season is the mystery, and your customers want to participate. It’s a guessing game everyone can take part in. It may even draw your customers closer to you as we figure out the mystery together!

Twitter may be even more of a useful tool in your search. If your niche is specific enough, like “electronics for kids,” you can perform a search and find out what people are saying. It may take some legwork filtering through all the noise, but eventually you should stumble on a clue or two.

Enter the Jungle

When it comes to Christmas item prediction, there’s a veritable jungle out there on Google and other search engines. Just type in “hot item Christmas 2011” to see what I mean. Everyone out in the ecommerce world is talking about it, especially right now with the season rolling up so quickly.

Just like searching on Twitter, it can take some work finding any solid leads on hot ticket items. But often when you do stumble upon a clue it can lead to something big. Don’t be afraid to enter the search engine jungle, and follow your nose to see where it leads!