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National Small Business Week Nominations Soon!

Coming next May: the 2012 edition of National Small Business Week! Held by the Small Business Administration, the NSBW is a week to honor all the entrepreneurs and forward thinkers out there that make up the backbone of American business.

But Kabbage, you say, the National Small Business Week has been around since 2008. What’s the big to-do? It’s nice, sure, but does it really have anything to do with me?

Well, for the 2012 event, the SBA has opened up a call for nominations for the most intrepid small business owners in America. The nominations are strictly user submitted, and done out of love for a great company or store they can’t live without.

Of course, the first thing we thought was: how cool would it be if an ecommerce store took the top award? There’s no reason why an online store couldn’t win, as they are just as enterprising and hard working as any brick & mortar, in some cases more so. And think of how far it would go to legitimizing ecommerce in the eyes of consumers who’ve never given it a shot!


As you probably already read on the NSBW website, the nomination process is a little involved. Anyone who wants to give somebody love for their hard work has to jump through a few hoops. However, in the spirit of community, we think it can be done.

The best thing about the National Small business Awards is each state gets their own winner, as well as a national “top entrepreneur.” This means there are several opportunities for ecommerce pros to get noticed in their own areas!

To really be taken seriously as a nominee, the entrepreneur must display several attributes, way above and beyond the typical seller. For instance, you have to show real innovativeness in your product or service you provide, as well as show how you provide aid to the surrounding community. Check out the rest of the list at the NSBW website; you can see it’s quite extensive.

But it just means the SBA is taking this seriously, and they really do want the best of the best! And at Kabbage, we know the best of the best online entrepreneurs have what it takes to show the “real world” folks what we’re made of. Let’s jump to it and tell the Small Business Administration which small businesses we think can take the top spot in next year’s National Small Business Week awards!


Kabbage Team

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