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Three SEO-Smart Branding Tips

Search Engines are how we navigate the Internet. Not being preferenced for your search is the 2011 equivalent to not being in the phone book — customers can’t find you. If potential customers can’t find your business then their potential money certainly cannot.

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of playing to a search engine’s preferences. If a website plays all the right notes then it will appear at the top of the search results. Considering the amount of people that normally just click the first result, this can be great for business.

Search engines change their algorithms up frequently. If it was ever figured out exactly how a website was chosen for search then websites that were not worthy would start climbing their way to the top using those methods. The engine wouldn’t be effective anymore. However, someone can shirk the extensive and complicated twists and turns involved in cracking an algorithm and still practice search engine optimization. The idea has a lot of pieces but is fundamentally simple. Think of the ideal website for your product or service — then become that website.


The more you are mentioned, the better. If a singular company is mentioned millions of times on the Internet then that company seems very relevant. If the phrase “wax fruit” also appears in each post that mentions the company, the company would easily appear to be the authority on waxed fruit.

A good example is something like Internet coupons. Deal-a-day websites are growing in popularity, and because supply follows demand, there are now tons of online coupon websites. Tanga is a deal site that provides offers to customers and business owners. But they also have an affiliate program. The affiliate program allows people to sign-up with Tanga. By driving traffic to the company’s website through their own they are experiencing the benefit of traffic from both sites mutually. This is a perfect example of linking-up.

Social Media

A highly trafficked website also generates a higher standing with search engines. Social media is a fantastic way to funnel traffic towards your web pages. Just as the name suggests, social media is powerful because it is social. It offers a way for businesses to connect with peer brands in their industry. These companies can funnel traffic back and forth. Sure, sending potential customers to a competitor’s web page wouldn’t be the most prudent business move. But if there were six different bakers across the state that used social media to share ideas and generate buzz for each other, it would be a very healthy relationship that search engines would notice.


Google Analytics is a fantastic way to monitor your web traffic. With this tool, site owners can see where their Internet traffic is coming from and where it lands once it hits her/his site. If a blog owner realizes that all of her blog posts about cheese making have been viewed for an average of 5 minutes and get 200 hits a day while her blogs about cattle care are seeing nothing but cob webs then she may want to focus her blog more towards cheese making. She could even try to guest write for a cheese making blog and funnel some of that traffic in her direction.

Either way it’s important that the content a user posts is intentional so that their website can be easily processed. Site owners should be striving to be experts in just one niche. Whether it’s a site that closely studies 18th century French ballet or a personal website with everything you wanted to know about Felix Savage it just needs to satisfy that niche. If the site appears to be the most relevant in its field then it will rise to the top of search results.

About the Author: Holly Watson is a self-made social media guru and fashionista. She enjoys running, blogging and following internet trends. You can check out some of her style on www.beltsandbangles.com.