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Holiday Sales Crash Course

We’re really getting in the home stretch here for the holidays. Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and then the crazy time comes! Things look to be as hectic as they’ve ever been with some stores now starting their big sales on Thanksgiving Day.

In celebration of the holiday selling season, we’d like to offer a holiday sales crash course for our ecommerce friends. It’s filled with blogs, webinars, videos, and a few surprises, all to help you get your shop in tip-top shape for whatever this cold season brings you!

Shoppers Share Top 5 “Must-Haves” for Buying Online This Holiday Season – Shop.org breaks down data directly from customers saying what they want to see in an ecommerce shop this season. Do they want shipping options? A positive experience? Or are they more concerned with reputation and value?

Holiday Shipping Survival Guide for eCommerce Retailers From Stamps.com – A PDF guide to surviving the holiday season from Stamps.com. Focuses on shipping but doesn’t end with it, giving valuable advice for all stages of your business.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Ecommerce Survival Guide – Some of the most money you’ll make is on Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday. Check out this free guide to figure out how you can make the most money during this hectic time.

Home Run Guide eBook – Wouldn’t you like to hit a “home run” this season? A home run is when you score an item or items that sells for 10, 20, or even 50 times the price you paid. The eBook gives you advice from folks all over the ecommerce spectrum.

‘tis the Season to be ReadyCustomer service is an oft-overlooked part of running a business during the holidays, but it’s just as important as everything else! If you need tips to improve your customer service, try these 3 on for size.

eCommerce Website Analysis Webinar Download – An easy to use website is a successful website, especially when it comes to frantic customers buying last minute Christmas gifts. Optimize your website by looking at some that work…and others that don’t.

eBay Unveils 2011 Holiday Selling Guide – Want advice from the pros? Get it straight from the horse’s mouth with the eBay holiday selling guide. Find out what to do about shipping, discounts, and how to grab the hot items that will light up your sales charts.

Top Ten Most Wanted Christmas Gifts 2011 – What are the big sellers this holiday season? If you feel like your store needs a little more “oomph,” consider these ten sure-things to bring in the big bucks.

Do you have any holiday advice for the ecommerce world? Share it in the comments below!