Kabbage Awards 2012, Oscars Edition

The Oscars are coming, and the nominations have been announced! Were any of your favorites on there? I haven’t seen The Artist yet, but I hear good things. Kind of surprised nobody from Melancholia was nominated, but after Von Trier’s craziness at Cannes, who can blame them? To make up for it, the Academy nominated “Man or a Muppet” for best song…thanks guys.

Anywho, since the Oscars are coming soon we thought we’d send out some more of our own awards! Last week we sent out our version of the Golden Globes, which included some big names around the ecommerce world. This week we’ve got some similarly big names but with a few surprises up our sleeves!

Tells it Like it Is: Hillary DePiano

Do you like blogs that beat around the bush and don’t tell it like it is? When reading your morning gossip do you like it filtered with wishy washy pontification?

Then whatever you do, don’t read The Whine Seller, written by Hillary DePiano! She’s known for being persnickety, sure, and that’s exactly why she’s beloved. We look to her for great ecommerce advice. Just don’t expect any padding on it!

Hillary comes from a writer background (and you know how THEY are), and is the author of quite a few books. As a result, she’s really gotten to know the self-publishing world pretty well, and has some pretty strong opinions on that as well. If you’re not easily offended (or even if you are…she doesn’t care) head over and check her out!

Tallest Thinking Cap: Uncle Joe Adamson

Much of the ecommerce world depends on analyzing facts, trends, and figures to truly understand where we’ve been. But some people like to turn from the figure sheets and look to the stars. This year’s Tallest Thinking Cap award goes to Uncle Joe Adamson.

Now, if you’ve never met him, you may wonder why he’s called “Uncle” Joe Adamson. But your first encounter with him will make you realize why: he’s super friendly, congenial especially to ecom sellers, and incredibly approachable – just like your favorite uncle!

But Joe didn’t win because he’s nice, he won for always having his eye on the future of ecommerce. Even better, he’s willing to help others with classes and appearances on various Internet radio programs.

Best Weekly Head Check - Melinda Emerson

While ecom sellers keep their heads down to the grindstone trying to make a living the best they can, others are helping them to look up and around them once in a while. It can come in the form of a fun conference, a light hearted and silly series of tweets, or in Melinda's case, the Twitter talk #smallbizchat.

This particular chat, which takes place every single week, is one of the best places to come and talk with dozens of people just like you. And just like you, they have questions and information they're willing to share. If it wasn't for talks like #smallbizchat, they would be scattered about the Internet, wondering and anxious.

So for giving ecom sellers the feeling they're not alone in this venture, we're awarding Melinda Emerson the Best Weekly Head Check award! If you ever need a pick me up and great discussion of ecommerce, check the chat out every Wednesday night.