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Kabbage Ecommerce Tax Calendar

Keeping track of your taxes as an online seller is tough, especially when you have so many dates to worry about. Between paying your quarterly taxes, filling out your mid-April forms, and worrying about extension, it’s easy to become confused. Check out our handy tax calendar to see when your next payment comes up.

April 17 – Income Taxes Due

Uh oh, it’s that time. All the receipts, forms, and what have you must be in by this day. If not, you may be in for some serious backlash from the IRS! If you feel you can’t make the deadline, grab a tax extension form so you don’t get hit with fines and other troubles.

Also, for the independent sellers out there, your first quarterly tax payment is due. Time to pay up!

June 15 – Quarterly Estimated Taxes Due

Indie sellers must pay their second quarterly tax payment by this time. They just seem to come faster and faster as time goes by.

September 17 – Quarterly Estimated Taxes Due

Yet another payment! What a pain, but this is the last one in 2012. Get this done and you’re good until January of 2013!

October 15 – Tax Extension Deadline

Did you file an extension for your tax forms? Now’s the time to get it done. If you’ve waited this long, the time for procrastinating is over, as any more delay will result in penalties, fines, and even – in extreme cases – jail time! If you really are running this late, it may be time to consider using a tax prep company or software.

December 31 – End of the Year

Happy New Year! Time to get your business ready for 2013, and that includes getting your taxes in order ahead of time! Otherwise you’ll end up scrambling about like you did in 2012, and nobody wants that, right? So go over your receipts, compile the necessary forms and calculations, and contact your accountant if you need to. The further ahead you start the better off you’ll be!

January 15 – Quarterly Estimated Taxes Due

Quarterly payment #4 is due on this day. Let the 2013 tax year begin!