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5 Green and Sustainable Vendors You Can Switch to Today

In continued honor of Earth Day this month, we’ve compiled a list of green vendors for ecom pros to take a look at and consider making the switch. If you’ve wanted to make your company more sustainable but weren’t sure how, this is a quick and easy way to get started.

1. Globe Guard

You need packaging materials, but you don’t want keep wasting non-renewable resources. What to do? Check out Globe Guard, provider of green materials the world over. Not only do they sell great products, 1% of sales goes to “For the Planet,” an organization that collects funds from thousands of green businesses to help save the planet in various ways.

2. Web Hosting

Among the various aspects of your business that could be “greened,” web hosting probably isn’t among the first you think of. However, according to recent stats, hosting is rapidly approaching the #1 spot for most wasteful industries!

That’s why companies like AISO are doing their part to cut down on energy and heat costs. They’re 100% solar powered and continually find ways to cut excess energy and waste. Luckily this doesn’t cut into their security and reliability, so you can feel safe in switching.

3. Bubblefast

For everything that goes inside your boxes and packages, try Bubblefast. They have a ton of Earth friendly products, including biodegradable packing peanuts, padded mailers, and of course bubble wrap. When it’s time to wrap up, they have 25% recycled resin tape to seal everything shut!

4. UPS

If you’re really dedicated to the green label for your business, other companies are bound to take notice. One such company is UPS, who has their own label for businesses who are really trying to make a difference.

Their Eco Responsible Packaging program marks packages that have been verified to be as green as possible. They look at materials used, efficiency, and even safety of the item – after all, if you have to replace something, that’s double the fuel and energy cost!

5. Green Line

Made from recycled material and using recycled, water based inks AND completely refillable, Green Line ink message/address stamps are just what you need for all your packages. Everything about these stamps is Earth friendly, including the packaging material they come in! Don’t waste your time buying ink stamp after ink stamp when this line will work for years to come as well as aid your new green initiatives.