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Carbon Offsetting for Online Sellers

You want to make an eco-friendly statement and impact, but you still need to run your business. That can sometimes be a delicate balance, especially since in the long run you need to be able to run your company. Whether you like or not this takes some sort of non-green resources like gasoline or coal.

So what now? Are you completely out of luck? When you know you’re in a position like that, the hardest you can try is to make an attempt at balancing the impact you make on the Earth. This is where carbon offsetting comes in.

Carbon offsetting is doing whatever it takes to offset the potential damage you’re doing to the environment with an eco-friendly act. For example, maybe in one location a company puts out a lot of carbon emissions. To offset this, they could help install wind power farms in another location. As a result, you end up “carbon neutral,” as it balances out.

Online Sellers

So how does this all stack up for online sellers? Most businesses that carbon offset are bigger corporations, ones with many trucks and factories around the globe. They clearly have a bigger carbon footprint to worry about and as such feel a bigger obligation to make things right.

However, a footprint’s a footprint, and online sellers want to help out with the environment, too. And between trucks full of shipments to materials used to even website servers used, an ecommerce business can leave a hefty toll on the planet!

If you want, you can go ahead and build that wind power farm in your background, as that would definitely do the trick. Instead, though, you can do a handful of little things that will make just as much of a difference.


The main offender when dealing with carbon offsetting is, obviously, carbon…well, carbon dioxide. CO2 is the gas produced by vehicles and landfills, which in turn can amplify the greenhouse effect and lead to worse climate change.

There are two main ways of offsetting your carbon output, and they are to try to reduce it in the first place and to stop the carbon you’re emitting from reaching the atmosphere.

One major and simple way you can offset? Reforestation programs lead to CO2 munching trees that happily chew up the carbon output. Plus, as a result, our air is cleaner for us to breathe – a very beneficial side effect.

Another simple way to carbon offset as an ecommerce company is to reduce waste. Simply reducing your energy or physical waste output can go a long way. Switch to an eco-friendly server for your website or find ways to reduce your physical waste like boxes and packaging material. The less junk in the landfill, the less methane, and the less CO2 that hurts our planet.

There are a zillion other little ways you can help carbon offset your business. Have you found any that work for you? Share them below!