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You Can Save Green by Going Green

Ugh, recycling and making your business green – what a pain, right? I mean, not only does it take a lot of time; it also costs so much money to save the Earth. There’s no way being eco-friendly helps my business out at all financially.

Not so fast, negative Nancy/Ned. Being eco-friendly isn’t always a costly alternative to normal business practices. Going green can actually save your business money in the long run, nor does it have to be a huge pain. Let’s take a look how it works.

Little Adjustments

When most business owners think of “going green,” they imagine enormous overhauls to the way they do business. Pictures of solar power cells and windmills and recycling bins everywhere freak them out and make them wonder why anybody does it at all.

But going green isn’t always about installing solar power cells on your roof. Often, it’s the little adjustments that help the most. These little fixes are also what help save you money.

We mentioned in a previous blog post that UPS has a program that gives benefits to shipments from businesses that are “proven eco-friendly.” UPS checks the package for the type of material used as well as how secure it is.

Why do they do the latter? Because if a package isn’t secure, then the item might break. If this happens, you have to ship a second package, resulting in double the fuel costs for one sale. Securing your items saves fuel.

This is what we mean by little adjustments – it often doesn’t take that much to make these changes. A few little tweaks and you’re on your way to keeping the planet fresh.

How Does It Help Me?

As a business owner, though, you’re interested in keeping your business afloat no matter what it takes. Part of this is making your company the most efficient possible.

For instance, you don’t want to waste materials more than you have to. Part of going green as a business is buying as much renewable material as you can. This can include anything from stamps to recycled printer ink.

Another minor tweak you can look at is your day to day practices you take for granted, like shipping. It’s easy to get into a particular habit, especially when you’re sending out multiple packages every day. But these are the areas that often need fixing.

How eco-friendly is your shipping? Do you have strange boxes that take up more room? If you reduce the size of your boxes, you save money at the post office. Buying green packaging materials in bulk can shave off cents every time you ship, which adds up pretty quickly over the days and weeks.

Don’t feel bad because you’ve put off going green with your business because you believed it would be a pain. Doing things out of the ordinary can cause stress for a business owner so it’s easy to see why some put it off. But with a few tweaks you can be well on your way to not only saving the Earth but saving some of your own green.