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5 Mobile Apps to Help Your Business Go Green

Making a huge change in your business is always a little tough and confusing, including making the company more eco-friendly. Like most things, though, there are a ton of apps to guide your way. Here are 5 in particular we feel will get you on the right path.

1. iRecycle

Recycling programs can be confusing to initiate, especially if you have no prior experience with the companies in your area. Save all the headache by grabbing iRecycle by Earth911. It tells you where all the best opportunities are to recycle in your area are and what all they recycle. Plus, the app gives you a stream of news and recycling tips each day!

2. A Real Tree

Want to plant a tree but are way too busy or don’t have a good spot? Why not let someone else do it? Download  A Real Tree for just a dollar and a tree is planted in a country currently fighting deforestation like India, Haiti, or Panama. Simple, straightforward, and results in a nice new healthy tree giving out clean oxygen for us to breathe!

3. Paper Karma

As a business owner (or even just a citizen of the world, really) you no doubt receive countless pieces of junk mail. This is a huge waste of paper and fuel as you’re no doubt going to just chuck that offer from AT&T begging you to switch over.

Paper Karma can stop this madness. Just take a picture of the junk mail and upload it. Paper Karma does the rest by finding the provider and contacting them so they’ll stop sending the junk to you. They even notify you when the deed is done so you can rest easy.

4. Good Guide

As you’re buying items for your online business you want to make sure you’re getting the most eco-friendly ones out there. However, it’s become increasingly more difficult to determine which one to get as it seems like everyone has something on the market that’s “greener than the rest.”

Well now you can really put that to the test with the Good Guide app. Is something claiming to be the most environmentally friendly thing since rain itself? Scan the barcode and get a real rating from 1 to 10. Now you can make a real decision whether to buy the product or not. Even better, the app is free!

5. Locavore

Many businesses save money and resources by cooking food in-house. This saves on wasteful Styrofoam and other products fast food restaurants use. To take it a further step, you can shop locally for food that hasn’t been shipped a zillion miles. To find this delicious bounty, download the Locavore app. It shows you where nearby farmers’ markets and farms are so you can get delicious food direct from the source.