UPS Loves Small Business...and Kabbage!

Want to grow your business? According to UPS, a little company named Kabbage is the way to go! They recently featured us and several success stories of business owners on their “Compass” blog. The post goes into detail about our process and different ways capital from Kabbage can help a business grow and expand. Thanks, guys!

The real story, though, is how the paradigm for small business is changing. Before, people with big ideas and dreams were bound by the limits of their checking account or connections. The Internet is swiftly changing that. Now it’s possible for one person to reach the entire world with just a simple, powerful idea.

It also sheds a light on companies like UPS who have an interest in seeing the little guys out there grow and isn’t just worried about the big corporations. Success stories like the ones featured on the Compass blog wouldn’t be possible without companies like UPS helping them along with their shipping and other needs.

Go check out the blog post!