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Set Aside Time for “Creative Thinking”

Ah, daydreaming. It’s so easy to do. Just one stray thought while you’re working on invoices and suddenly you’re thinking about that last film you saw and wondering what it would’ve been like with Brad Pitt instead of Carrot Top. But then you snap back to reality and wonder why you’re wasting so much time.

However, we’re here to say that not all daydreaming is bad! In fact, daydreaming is probably what got you to where you are right now. After all, would you have thought to start your own business or come up with a great new product if you didn’t dream a little?

Not only is daydreaming, or “creative thinking,” important, it can help you with your spring cleaning duties. As we’ll show, it may be one of the most important steps involved.

Taking the Time

We’re definitely not saying you should spend half your day staring at the wall or fiddling with a stress ball. You do still have to run your business, and too much “creative thinking” can be a huge problem.

However, if you carefully plan your day to include some time to chill and just let your mind wander, it can make a huge difference. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge block of time like an hour, a few minutes here and there can do it.

Or, instead, try replacing a daily activity with creative thinking. Instead of surfing Reddit as you drink your morning coffee, lean back in your office chair and stare out the window. We all take a little long to get back to work after lunch (well, everyone except me), so instead of scrolling around Facebook walk around the building to clear your head.

Wasting Time?

So what’s the difference between wasting time and “creative thinking?” Obviously wondering if Brad Pitt starring in “Chairman of the Board” would’ve made it a better flick isn’t all that business-oriented. However, if you could somehow turn that line of thought into a way to better your company, then it’s suddenly creative thinking.

So, in reality, it’s a fine line. Not all stargazing is useful. But looking at the stars can lead to some real revelations in your life. How you use this information is up to you. Ultimately, you decide whether or not you’re wasting time or doing some productive.

When you sit down for your daily “creative thinking block,” go in with a few ideas to pontificate over. Thinking over problems and issues with your company is good, sure, but don’t assume you have to focus on them. Creative thinking works for every aspect of your business, and that can include areas you want to expand in the future.

All it takes is one simple idea and suddenly you’re in a completely different business world. So treat your “time wasting” minutes as another business task. Keeping your nose to the grindstone is where all the results come from, sure, but looking up in the sky for the next big thing is how dreams are turned into reality.