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Spring Cleaning: Delete Unnecessary Programs

After using your computer for a while you start to accumulate programs.  Sometimes, these programs do the same thing, but you forget you already had something that did what you were looking for. A major example is an anti-virus program – you’ve already got one that covers your firewall and malware attacks, but a year later you download a separate one that only covers malware because you think you don’t have one.

It happens, and unless you’re constantly vigilant about the contents of your hard drive you’ll come across this problem from time to time. But in the spirit of spring cleaning it’s time to clean out that hard drive and get rid of any unnecessary programs you have. They’re simply bogging down your computer and getting in your way.

Which Programs

The big problem with cleaning out unnecessary programs is you sometimes don’t even realize you have two conflicting pieces of software. One time my computer started running two completely different antivirus programs, just out of the blue. Turns out, one had updated from being solely an anti-malware program to covering virus protection as well.

Suddenly I had two programs fighting to do the same thing. Worse, it was literally slowing my CPU down, as they were both trying to do the same thing at the same time. Luckily the problem announced itself and I was able to fix the problem. That’s not always the case, though.

More often than not you’ll simply have two or more programs just hanging out on your hard drive. You don’t realize they’re there because you only use them once in a blue moon. Then one day you go to burn a DVD and realize you have three separate programs and you’re downloading a fourth!

Instead of chuckling and moving on, make sure to figure out which one is the best program for your needs and get rid of the others. Keeping pointless programs on your computer may seem harmless but they add up and can slow performance, which means you’re wasting time waiting for your computer to start when you could be making money.

So Many Options

If you’re having trouble cleaning out your computer, try to think of it a different way. You want to free up as much space on your hard drive as you can. When looking at the programs you have, research if there are any online alternatives.

Not only will this free up space, they may have other options downloadable alternatives don’t. For instance, the downloadable version of Tweetdeck will no longer be updated, while the browser version has a ton of new options.

The digital world is moving that way anyway. With advances like the cloud and so much tech moving towards mobile and tablet software, having a hard drive full of downloadable programs may be on the way out anyway.