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3 Hot Beauty Industry Trends According to Google + 3 Hot Salon Marketing Tips and Takeaways

BeautyIndustryTrends Think With Google

What do man buns, box braids and purple hair have in common? Big business. These three trends are shaping the beauty industry right now, providing massive opportunities for salon owners and hair dressers to engage and attract new clients.

These three beauty industry trends published by should get your attention. They provide valuable insights into the beauty industry trends that real people are most interested in right now. Plus, when coupled with our salon marketing takeaways, they represent real opportunities for salon owners to reach out and capture new social followers, new email subscribers and best of all, new salon clients.

Beauty Industry Trend #1: Man Buns, Comb Overs and Men’s Hair Care

For the first time ever there has been more interest in men’s hair care on Google than there is on women’s hair care. Ever! Once considered the purview of women, male consumers are now demonstrating a public interest in hair care, hair style options and grooming. Today, this largely underserved market segment is turning to Google search in big numbers to get instructions for growing and styling man buns and comb-overs (think Don Draper, not Donald Trump!).

Salon Marketing Tip: Your smartphone already packs all the technology you need to make an instructional or how-to video that can be uploaded to YouTube and easily shared on social media. As you make your videos, capture still shots along the way so that you can create a step-by-step PDF as well. Instead of making the PDF available for public download, set it up as part of a gateway requiring that individuals subscribe to updates to get the PDF. For men that want to be able to recreate these looks every day at home, you can create an add-on service in the form of a mini hands-on class where you teach them how to style their man bun or comb-over.

Beauty Industry Trend #2: Braids are Back

Continuing the trend of natural, low maintenance hair styles, today’s female consumers are searching for instructions, examples and videos on braiding, with searches for box braids and goddess braids at the top of the list right now.

Salon Marketing Tip: As with the men’s hair trend above, your smartphone is the only tool that you need to create your own how-to videos and photo step-by-step instruction sheets for creating the braids that are on-trend with style conscious women right now. Offer demo classes as part of an event to attract people that could become new clients. Add seasonal braiding services to your salon menu based on the beauty industry trends that are most popular right now. Think of these services as the salon equivalent of an “LTO” (limited time offer) to create a sense of urgency with clients who want to learn how to create these looks.

Beauty Industry Trend #3: The Quest for Beautiful Grey and Purple Hair Color

For many salons, hair color services and color care products represent the profit center. Women are now clamoring for non-traditional as well as traditional hair color options, which means that opportunities abound for expanding hair color services in the salon.

Salon Marketing Tip: Colors like the greys and purples that are most popular with consumers right now are difficult to achieve. Reaching out with offers that bring new hair color clients into the salon for professional hair color services instead of experimenting at home could bring a whole new generation of clients onto your books. Instead of do-it-yourself or step-by-step videos and instructions which might tempt people to use box color at home, share before and after photos and video clips on social networks and in email marketing that shows off the superior results consumers can only get at your salon.

3 Salon Marketing Takeaways from Today’s Top Beauty Industry Trends

  1. Your Salon Website Must be Mobile Friendly

82 percent of men’s hairstyle terms searched for online were searched for on mobile devices, 85 percent of braid searches occurred on mobile devices and 80 percent of searches for top trending hair color happened on mobile devices. When local consumers discover your how-to videos on YouTube or links to your step-by-step styling instruction sheets online, your chances of getting a booked appointment go up exponentially if they are just one click away from your mobile booking platform.

  1. The End of the Step-by-Step Should Be Your Salon

Publishing how-to videos and step-by-step hair styling instructions without a call-to-action are the equivalent of an artist giving away their work for free. Make sure that you include a call-to-action telling your audience what they should do next; specifically, to book an appointment with you!

  1. Stop Selling Yourself Short

Hair dressers and salon owners are reminded that they are not selling products and services; rather, they are selling salon clients on their authority and relevance in the 2016 marketing calendars for salons called “Clients Rule” by Elizabeth Kraus. These beauty industry trends help make the case very well. By becoming more relevant to today’s consumer and setting your salon up as the local authority on beauty industry trends, you give local consumers a reason to try your salon, become loyal clients and even brand advocates as they share your social updates and emails with their social and personal networks.

Set aside time each month or each quarter to find out which beauty industry trends and services are up-and-coming with consumers in your area. Then, create and publish short videos and step-by-step instruction sheets that can help you attract new clients and increase brand awareness for your salon. The more relevant and fashion-forward local consumers believe your salon to be, the more likely you are to win the salon word-of-mouth marketing game.

What about you? What beauty industry trends do you predict will be popular with consumers next year? Leave a comment below or tweet your prediction to us at @KabbageInc.




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