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30 Top Experts Business Owners Should Follow on LinkedIn


Last century, more than one intelligent success expert recommended reading biographies as a way of helping yourself succeed. The thinking was that by reading the real stories of people who had succeeded, you could in essence surround yourself with the thoughts and practices of those successful people.

This century, the same thinking applies to social media. If you follow – on LinkedIn for example – the postings of successful, smart and influential people you will be surrounding yourself with the thoughts and practices of success.

In that spirit, here is your expert-researched, Kabbage-approved list of 2016’s 30 top experts, broken down by category:

Leadership and Management

  • Executive coach Nozomi Morgan, one of the world’s top experts in the difference between being a boss and being a leader
  • Andreas von der Heydt, currently in charge of Kindle, Amazon’s epublishing platform. His profile shares his experience and learnings running one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic teams in the world.
  • IDEO head man Tim Brown, who writes regularly on the link between creativity and excellent leadership.


Business Finance 

  • Geoffrey Garret won’t help you much with the day-to-day reports and forecasts, but he uses his education and globetrotting gathering of information to make reliably accurate predictions about what the global economy is up to, and about to be up to. 
  • Robert Kiyosaki, whose name you probably recognize. He’s most famous for his Rich Dad/Poor Dad personal finance advice, but much of what he shares is just as applicable to business finance and personal finance for business owners.



  • Ryan Holmes got famous for leading social media tool Hootsuite, and delivers hilarious and useful advice on things like declaring “Email Bankruptcy” along with more serious examinations of modern business ownership.
  • Gretchen Rubin, who wrote The Happiness Project. Her profile demonstrates how her advice isn’t just about unicorns and rainbows.
  • Working Simply founder Carson Tate, who encourages everybody to schedule time for relaxation, recreation and play just as firmly as we do our meetings and deadlines.
  • Naomi Simson excels at linking pop culture and current events to proven techniques for productivity and happiness. She doesn’t say much that’s new, but she puts it in memorable and actionable ways.
  • Dharmesh Shah, CTO at HubSpot who balances both solid workplace advice with thoughts on how to make yourself and your company more healthy and happy.


Marketing and Sales

  • Sujan Patel is ahead of the curve. Where everybody else is struggling to track how content marketing has changed, he is consistently writing on how it will change in the next few years.
  • Y&R CEO David Sable, who leads one of the world’s largest advertising houses and writes for free some of what he charges clients top dollar for.
  • Peter Shankman, co-host of The Mistake Podcast, serial entrepreneur and founder of the HARO journalist resource service. He takes “thought leader” to a whole new level and delivers his knowledge with pithy humor.
  • For a different perspective on marketing, sales, management and business culture check out Barry Schwartz. He’s a Psychology professor who writes about how the human mind responds to just about every corner of the business experience.


Human Resources

  • Lou Adler, author of The Essential Guide for Hiring and Getting Hired. He brings strong relevant news to the table pretty much every week.
  • Marc Miller, one of the baby boomers who has managed to figure out how social media works. He gives great, sometimes humorous, advice about how to handle a work environment that seems to fundamentally change every few weeks.


Digital Business

  • Brian Solis is a business futurist, writing routinely about how technology disrupts business and how to use that disruption to stabilize your company.
  • Christel Queck runs social media data for Brandwatch in East Asia – the fastest-growing region for digital business in the world. She’s at ground zero for some of the most dynamic and important digital business occurrences happening right now.
  • Leader of digital media giant Digital Media Ghost, Mary Long is on top of it when it comes to content strategy, especially crises in content strategy like handling negative search results or social media trends.
  • Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore, who has much to say about digital media, journalism and business practices.


Each of these entries is a whole new kind of bonus content for small business owners. Instead of following the thoughts of a single mover and shaker, belonging to LinkedIn groups gives you immediate, real-time access to hundreds of people with the same problems you have. A few that no entrepreneur or small business owner should miss include:


  • Band of Entrepreneurs – Dedicated to providing specific advice and support on topics small business owners often miss, like legal issues, technology and PR.
  • Entrepreneur’s Network – 20k+ entrepreneurs doing everything from talking shop, to offering specific advice, to commiserating about the most challenging aspects of this life path.
  • Future Trends – Where “corporate visionaries” have informed discussions on coming changes, what to do about them and how to turn most into opportunities for profit.
  • Social Media Marketing – More than one million people discussing what works in social media marketing, what doesn’t work and what’s probably going to start working next quarter.




It also helps to track the people you “want to be when you grow up” both to see what living that life really looks like and to remind yourself that real people get there and live real lives. Four of the best for that are the pages of Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Barbara Corcoran, Martha Stewart and Sean Parker. Some contribute content. Others are just a great example of how a solid LinkedIn page should feel.

This list is for LinkedIn, but other social media platforms can be just as useful. Check out Twitter especially for examples of how to turn a name into a brand, and a brand into a profitable empire.

Some of the advice you read from these experts might inspire you to do more than your current finances permit. In those situations, Kabbage has your back. A small business loan or line of credit from us can give you fast access to the cash resources you need to turn that inspiration into a reality.