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38 Signs You Might Be a Small Business Owner


The stress of owning a small business can get a bit overwhelming at times as owners work through their pages of “to-do” lists, juggling the many tasks of day-to-day operations. We asked business owners to stop, take a breath and reflect by completing the sentence, “You might be a small business owner if….”  Read on for 38 sure signs that you, too, might be a small business owner….

You might be a small business owner if…

  1. “Your owner’s ‘benefit package’ contains zero vacation days. Maybe you can take a half-a-day off to run an errand or two, like stocking up on paper at the local supply store. – Lisa Baker-King, Author, Coach, Small Business Expert
  2. “Your children email you questions from the living room, even though you are working from home, because they know it’s the best way to reach you.” – Laura Wagner, Wagner Marketing and Public Relations
  3. “You pull out your smart phone to scan UPC’s for items in any and all stores’ sale and clearance sections looking for inventory to resell!” – Kathy Terrill, Seller on eBay & Etsy, Small Business Owner Coach, owner, I Love To Be Selling
  4. “Your idea of fun is reviewing website analytics on a Saturday evening.” –  Geoffrey Hoesch, Dragonfly SEO, Inc.
  5. “Your kid asks you for $20 and you ask for an invoice.”
  6. “Your alarm clock is set for the same time for every day of the week.”
  7. “All you do on your vacations is sleep.”
  8. “Your kids want a dog and you said yes, but only after quickly doing an approximate annual maintenance budget in your head.” –  Eugene Grabovy,, an Airbnb Management Company
  9. “Your date night with your wife consists of taking her with you on an emergency service call.” – Teddy Poulos, A-Access Lock & Key
  10. “You view three feet of snow as a lame excuse that people don’t want to come into the office.” – Todd Damon, This is Woodworking
  11. “You are more eager to check your ecommerce sales than you are to check the score of the big game.” – Ryan Elbaz, Founder, Majesty Diamonds
  12. “The word “no” does not compute. A true entrepreneur never gives up.” – Lori Cheek, Cheekd
  13. “You finally have the best boss of your career, and you¹ve never worked harder and loved it more. – Paige Arnof-Fenn, Mavens & Moguls
  14. “Your family has abandoned all hope of you ever showing up on time again.”
  15. “Your car and your storeroom are one and the same.”
  16. “Your off day is a mythic fable only heard about in stories.” – David Dumas, CEO – MyLaunchKits.Com
  17. “You had to pause during (dinner, sex, your wedding vows) to take a call from an important client.”
  18. “You make less than you did when you were employed by someone else, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.”
  19. “You get your days all mixed up, but it doesn’t really matter because you haven’t had a weekend in three years.”
  20. “Your elementary school kids already know how to read P&Ls and balance sheets.”
  21. “You can barely make it through movie previews without falling asleep.”
  22. “Your idea of living dangerously is turning your cell phone off for more than 15 minutes.”
  23. “Your idea of a vacation is adding one extra day to a business trip so you can see more than just the airport and the client’s business.”
  24. “Productivity hacks really turn you on.”
  25. “You can wolf down an entire hamburger, fries and a shake in under two minutes while driving and on the cell phone.” – Carter Harkins and Taylor Hill, Spark Marketer
  26. “You consider staying home for the weekends a vacation.”
  27. “Your kids know more about your products than your employees.” – Lisa Chu, Black N Bianco Kids Clothing
  28. “Your last-minute holiday shopping is spent composing an email marketing newsletter to wish a happy holiday season to your clients on the day before Christmas! – Anne Howard,
  29. “You send emails at 4:30 AM and think it’s normal.”
  30. “Your vacation plans start with checking cell phone coverage and Wi-Fi.”
  31. “You have a 4-wheel drive vehicle and give your staff a ride to work during a major snow storm.” – John Kinskey, AccessDirect.
  32. “You spend holiday dinners with one hand on your fork and the other hand monitoring your company’s social media accounts.”
  33. “Friday nights are spent refining your company’s mission statement, instead of at dinner and a movie.”
  34. “You’ve ever solved a business issue involving more than three parties from a park bench during your vacation.” – Kari Daffron, One Click
  35. “You learned how to be a PR, marketing expert, coder, sales representative, customer service agent, price manager, innovator and business developer – all at the same time.”
  36. “You feel physical repulsion when you see another article titled, ‘5 Ways to Become a Great Entrepreneur!’” – Kate Spasic, Bikes&Humans Cooperative
  37. “You can’t remember if you brushed your teeth today… so you brush them again.”
  38. “You hate to be seen in public, since you look nothing like your professional photo.” – Tomayia Colvin, Tomayia Colvin Photography

Do you think you might be a small business owner? If so, fill in the ending to the following sentence in the comment section below: “You might be a small business owner if…”


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