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4 Cool Phone Features That Will Help Drive Sales


Improving sales is almost always at the top of any business owner’s agenda. To accomplish this, business owners focus on a variety of things, with marketing, lead generation, and lead follow through generally topping the list. But, what if I told you that you could improve your sales by upgrading your phone service? Not convinced? Well, you will be. Check out these 4 cool phone features that you can use to improve your sales.

  1. Call Rollover- No Answer? No Problem.

For companies that are primarily sales driven, losing a client/lead can be a big deal, especially if you primarily work with higher-end clientele or are referral driven. The worst, is when you follow up with a client you lost, only to hear them say something like, “Well, I was ready to move forward, but I called your office several times and the line was either busy or nobody picked up, so I figured you must not be too desperate for my business.”

The answer to this problem, is call rollover. Basically, call rollover/line rollover will route incoming calls to the next available office line/sales rep. So, instead of calling and getting a busy signal if your primary sales rep is on another call, a potential customer or client will automatically be transferred to the next available sales rep/backup line for assistance. Even if a client wants to talk to a specific sales rep that is currently on another line, the employee that answers can take the clients number/information and assure them that they will be called-back as soon as possible. Sometimes, the human touch is all a client needs to sell them on a specific company, especially if they have called your competition and been stuck with auto-attendant’s or busy signals.


  1. Find Me/Follow Me – Never Miss That Important Call Again

Have you ever been in that situation where you are waiting on a big call, and just hoping that it does not somehow fall through the cracks? Talk about stressful. Well, stress no more, with the find me/follow me phone feature, you never again have to worry about missing a big call/lead or losing/offending a high-profile client because their call never came through.

In some ways, the find me/follow me is similar to call rollover, but it has more flexibility and customizability. For one, calls can be routed to any number(s) and be configured to ring simultaneously on all devices, whether cell, phone, or office. So, it is not just confined to phones hardwired into one system. You can also set it up to ring sequentially, customizing which employees/lines receive which clients, and in what order.

If your top sales rep has a high profile client who does not like to be kept waiting, you can use the find me/follow me feature to route calls from that client’s number directly to the rep’s personal mobile phone, especially handy if he/she is out of the office. And, you can even set it up so that if he does not pick up on his mobile, the call is routed back to you so you can do damage control and assure the client that their needs are being taken care of. With this kind of security, your customer service reputation will stay top-notch, ensuring that your existing clients keep recommending you and your sales continue improving.

  1. SmartPhone App – Run Your Business from your Mobile Phone

Does your business keep you travelling a lot? Do you still need to run your business, receive calls, and host meetings while on the road? If so, then maybe a SmartPhone/Mobile app is for you. Some companies, like RingCentral, have developed killer mobile apps for your smartphone, which give you nearly all the features of a traditional phone system wherever you go. In other words, you basically have a high-powered business phone solution that you can carry around in your pocket. And as an added bonus, it is all routed through your business number, keeping your personal number private.

If your business keeps you on the go, then you need a phone solution that will help you keep on top of leads and allow you to manage/respond to clients, customers, and employees without having to drop by the office or constantly be dialing into voicemail. A high-powered SmartPhone/Mobile app is just what you need. Instead of clients, leads, and employees falling through the cracks, they will be addressed quickly, efficiently, and productively, leading to greater satisfaction all around and increased sales.

  1. Auto-Attendant/Business Directory – Give Your Business Added Professionalism and Class

Trying to give your business an added sense of professionalism? Looking for a way to get leads and clients routed to the correct employees? If so, then an auto-attendant/automated business directory could be just what you need. Basically, an automated business directory is what you hear when you call any big company (ie. press 1 for sales, 2 for customer service, etc). This allows you to better manage your business calls, route your clients/customers to the correct employees, and also shows your clients that you mean business and are willing to pay for sophisticated business phone service, adding an extra sense of professionalism to your company.

Pairing an automated directory with call rollover can be a great option. Most business phone services that offer an automated directory option will also have call queue functionality, which keeps callers on-the-line and tells them that they will be given to the next available representative. If the calls are passed on to a human fairly quickly, then it can be great. But, if callers are just kept on the line without any idea of when they will be helped, it is not ideal.

If you get a functioning and quick-moving automated directory in-place, it will keep your clients happy and set you apart in their minds as a business who has everything together and organized, making it more likely that they will come to your with their business needs/sales.


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