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5 Affordable Vacation Spots in 2017

People love to travel, but they don’t always have the means to do so. As a travel agent, you probably hear a lot of questions and concerns about the vacation destination. If you have a client on a budget, or want to reach out to potential clients who long to travel but don’t know the most affordable spots, here are five affordable locations to suggest, both in and out of the U.S.

  1. Mexico

With the exchange rate highly in favor of the American dollar ($1 dollar = roughly 21 pesos), Mexico is an ideal vacation spot. Mexico thrives in rich culture and has plenty of ancient ruins to explore. No matter where you go in Mexico, there’s always something to do, from visiting art museums to exploring nature conservancies and archeological ruins.

  1. Greece

Traveling to Europe is more affordable now that the euro has weakened, and this is especially true for Greece. Its troubled and struggling economy thrives on tourism to keep it afloat, making hotels and food cheaper than ever. You can find hotels in the Athens, Santorini and Mykonos for as little as $100 a night. Souvenirs and meals can also be an ease to your budget. In fact, you can get a delicious gyro for as little as $2. These expenses get even better once you travel countryside.

  1. Morocco

One of the most affordable countries to visit in Africa, Morocco boasts beautiful landscapes (from deserts to coastlines) and bustling cities. Its smaller cities provide better deals in the markets for any souvenirs you might want. Morocco is a more conservative country, so make sure you read up on language, attire and general, public behavior before booking your trip. It’s also a stone’s throw away from Europe, and a flight from Morocco to Europe is a lot cheaper than from the U.S., which can give you a second destination for much cheaper.

  1. Dallas, Texas

If your client is looking to stay in the U.S., one often overlooked city is Dallas. In 2015, Priceline dubbed it the most affordable destination and its prices continue to remain lower than the national average. Dallas has the feel of a big city without the high prices. There are art instillations around the city, large gardens and public parks and its nightlife bustles with musicians. You can rent a car explore fringe cities for that small-town charm or stay downtown for as little as $200 a night and be in the center of excitement and culture.

  1. Portland, Oregon

Portland is another great U.S. destination for those on a budget. It’s known for its eclectic nature and big city vibe without feeling too crowded like New York or Los Angeles. Portland boasts some of the most pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, and you’re able to walk almost everywhere. You’ll find that food trucks almost everywhere, which gives you more affordable dining options. Portland’s locals take to tourists and enjoy taking the time to get to know you, which is a bonus if you’re traveling alone or need a recommendation for food or site seeing.

Traveling is a passion of many, but unfortunately, it’s not always an option. As a travel agent, you’re there to help clients with their travel needs, especially finding them affordable destinations. They might not realize they can still travel to exciting cities within their means. These cities are great options for the summer and for those on a budget who have that wanderlust.

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