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5 Steps to Outpace Your Competition in Google Search on a Shoestring Budget

outpace competition google search

Did you know that 89 percent of consumers turn to Google, Bing, or another search engine to find information on products, services, or businesses prior to making purchases? This startling statistic shows the importance for small businesses to have a unique marketing effort when it comes to Google search.

According to Search Engine Watch, Google holds a staggering 67.6 percent of the U.S. search engine market share. The beauty of implementing a flawless SEO strategy is that you will reap the benefits across all of the search engines.

Typically, large businesses have a leg-up on the competition for acquiring new business because they have a larger marketing budget. When it comes to ranking well organically on Google, this is not necessarily the case. Google now takes into consideration the locality of searches and the amount of quality content and links pointing back to your website.

What exactly does this mean? Now, small businesses can outpace their larger competitors on Google. Long gone are the days when pouring a bunch of money into television advertising was the only form of reaching a large audience.

If a small business appears in the top position for a valuable keyword related to their business, they could reap the benefits of new leads and new customers. Our company, The Media Captain, is ranking above competitors with nearly five times as many staff members due to our flawless strategy!

We know, for instance, that achieving the #1 spot for a given keyword means getting about 33 percent of the clicks. So, if there are 5,000 searches for a keyword each month, you could reasonably expect to receive around 1,650 visits to your site if you hold the top position.
Below, we have outlined five steps to outpace your competition in Google search on a shoestring budget. There is no guarantee that you will achieve top positioning, but if you create quality content, it will be a worthwhile investment for your business.

1. Create Quality Content

We have alluded to the importance of quality content several times, including in the aforementioned paragraph. To help your content get shared, you need to create outstanding articles that will entice people to tell their friends, family, or coworkers.

When people share your content, it can generate valuable links back to your website. One of Google’s key indicators to the strength of a site is the quality of the content. And if your target audience shares your content, this will result in more web traffic to your site from high-quality prospective leads.

According to, content marketing tactics are most often executed through the use of articles (79 percent), blogs (65 percent), enewsletters (63 percent), case studies (58 percent), and whitepapers (51 percent).

2. Focus on Locality

It is amazing how little attention is given to Google My Business pages, especially considering 20 percent of Google searches are for local information.

Setting up and optimizing your Google My Business page can be done within a couple of hours. By taking the following actions, you will be able to stand out amongst the local competition:

  • List out the services your company offers
  • Include your phone number, website, business address, and hours of operation
  • Create unique content in the “About” section about your brand
  • Add imagery and videos
  • Obtain reviews

Make sure to include all of your local information on your website as well. Your footer is a great place to include information such as a map and your business’ address and phone number,

3. Create an Outreach Program

If you take our advice and follow the first several steps, you will have awesome content. Now t’s time to figure out how people will find out about your business.

First and foremost, you should have a blog on your site where you create compelling content. Second, you should reach out to industry-related websites to see if they are willing to share your content.

The Connor Group, a real estate development company, has each one of their communities, Amberwood at Lochmere, Atria at Crabtree Valley, and Autumn Woods contribute content pertaining to the local community in Raleigh. This results in their content being shared to a larger audience with the messaging relating perfectly to the audience they are trying to reach. When they write about, “Best Restaurants in Raleigh,” people will not only find valuable information about great dinner spots, they will remember the community name since they contributed the piece.

4. Make a List of Current Relationships

Let’s say you are a member of your local rotary or participate in a charity near your office. Asking these places where you currently have a relationship to mention your company on their website is a great way to generate more high-quality backlinks.

There is nothing wrong with asking for a favor every now and then. If you can get ten successful links from for your client’s sites or charity sites, this would be beneficial for your SEO.

5. Reviews

Reviews are one of the first things people will see when they search for your company on Google.

If you are a pizza chain like Sbarro and you are looking for franchisees, you will want them to see positive reviews.

According to Marketing Land, 90 percent of customers say buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. Obtaining online reviews is simple yet not done by many businesses.

Don’t wait for people to leave their online reviews for your company. Be proactive and reach out to brand advocates to stay a step ahead of the game. You will need to create a strategy with an email template to reach out to your customers so they will be aware that you are actively seeking online reviews.

What’s Next?

We have provided the blueprint to outpace your Competition in Google Search on a shoestring budget. I’m sure after reading to this point in the article, you are curious about the budget that this will require. The answer is great content, a proactive outreach and review strategy, and your time.

Start blocking off some time on the weekend or before or after work to build your SEO/online presence. A solid position on Google can take your business to the next level.


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