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5 Ways Mechanics Can Heat Up Sales in Cold Winter Months

5 Ways Mechanics Can Heat Up Sales in Cold Winter Months

Winter months can be full of hazards for drivers, but preventive auto care and professional advice can help. Here are five ways mechanics can make sure customers’ cars are ready for whatever the winter roads throw at them and boost revenues in the process.

Every season brings its own set of challenges to drivers. Worn out tires can slip and slide. Door locks and ignition slots can freeze. Window wipers that have seen better days might not be up to the task of wiping sleet and slush away. lists the following as the top five ways cold can damage an automobile:

  • Extreme cold can pull voltage from batteries, making it harder for cars to start
  • Cold causes fluids like oil, anti-freeze, power steering fluid, brake fluid and transmission fluid to thicken
  • Most tires lose 1 pound per square inch (psi) for every ten degrees Fahrenheit of temperature drop
  • Wipers and window cleaning solvent can fail
  • Bad spark plugs can make it difficult or impossible to start a car in cold weather

Vehicle maintenance is always important, but even more so as drivers prepare for winter months. If you own an auto repair or service business, this is a great opportunity for you to attract new customers and turn prior customers into loyal patrons by showing them what to do and helping solve or prevent common winter automotive problems.

5 Ways Mechanics Can Build Business in Winter Months

  1. Offer Expert Advice for DIY Preventive Auto Care

Your website, blog, social networks and email newsletters are all platforms you can use to educate drivers and offer expert advice on preventive auto care and maintenance that do-it-yourself auto enthusiasts can do at home.

Offering expert advice with specific product recommendations often leads to higher retail sales. Selling more retail products increases your shops average revenue per hour and these products sometimes have higher profit margins than service hours alone. Plus, a good number of people who take in your advice will not be interested in doing their own car care. By giving away your expertise, you send the message that your shop is interested in their well-being and establish your brand as the expert resource for local customers.

  1. Try a BOGO (Buy-One-Get-One-Free) or Add-On Offer

BOGO offers are special offers that allow customers to buy one of something at a regular price and get a second item at a special price, sometimes even free. An example of this would be a buy-one-get-one-free offer on windshield wipers, or a buy one tire, get a second tire at 25 percent off. For customers that may be putting off replacing worn tires, this could be the type of offer that motivates them to get this done.

Another type of special offer that helps bring in customers and often increases the average sales ticket are add-on offers. With both BOGOs and add-on offers, customers perceiving that they are saving money in one area may also be more likely to buy additional products or services.

  1. Offer a Free Evaluation

This is another example of how you can use your expertise to build trust and generate business. Offering a free evaluation to check tire pressure and condition, fluids, wipers, and even brake lights and turn signals and then sharing what you found with customers gives them a chance to better understand what is wrong. This type of trust building can lead to immediate sales, but it can also engender loyalty and referrals when customers feel that you have their best interests at heart.

  1. Hold a Winter Weather Car Care Class

Teaching your customers what to do when they encounter common automotive challenges is a great way to engage local customers who may lack even basic car care knowledge or who have had problems in the past and want to know what to do. From teaching them what to do to unfreeze a door lock or how to change a tire, the education you provide could be priceless to them in the future.

  1. Sell Winter Weather Car Care Kits

Auto care kits with automotive and emergency supplies are must-haves for every driver. You can put these kits together for sale and even promote them as a perfect holiday gift idea. You can even write up the items you would include in your kit as a holiday shopping list and publish it on your social networks and in your email newsletters, along with a special offer for customers who purchase the kit from your shop.

No one ever wants to have car problems – especially not in winter weather! Use this topic as a way to increase sales and turn your auto repair or auto parts shop brand into a local expert resource.

If you own an auto repair or auto parts business, what was the most common challenge your customers faced last year? Leave your story in the comments below or tweet your reply to us @KabbageInc.


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