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6 Ways to Keep New Gym Members When New Year’s Resolutions Lose Their Luster

6 Ways to Keep New Gym Members When New Year’s Resolutions Lose Their Luster

Last year, the number one New Year’s resolution for Americans was – predictably – to lose weight, and many who made this decision followed through by signing up for a gym membership. Given that only 8 percent were successful in achieving their resolutions, many gym memberships were cancelled shortly after enthusiasm began to wane. Here are six ways to keep new gym members engaged after New Year resolutions begin to lose their luster.

6 Ways to Turn New Gym Members Into Long-Term Patrons

  1. Plan for the Rush

Planning for the rush isn’t about accommodating sign ups, it’s about ensuring a good experience for new gym members in the first few weeks after the New Year begins. If new members arrive to work out but can’t access equipment or classes because the gym is busier than normal, they might become discouraged very quickly. Likewise, long-time members might be put off with crowded gym conditions and consider looking for a less crowded place to work out if they are inconvenienced by an influx of new gym members.

  1. Add Long-Term Perks

Many gyms offer a significant discount to members when they first sign up. When full price fees kick in, new members might use it as an excuse to stop working out or worry that they might not be able to afford the cost over the long-term. Adding value to memberships with perks and rewards that kick in over the course of time or as incremental goals are achieved can help increase the perceived value that all your members believe they are receiving.

  1. Create Anticipation

Create a sense of anticipation for new and long-term gym members by introducing something new each month or each quarter or letting members try something new each quarter. When members have something to look forward to on a regular basis, it keeps things interesting and gives gym members the feeling that their membership at your gym gives them opportunities they could not receive elsewhere.

  1. Develop Micro-Communities

All gym members are not created equal; however, if you can plug new members in with other people they can relate to because of shared interests inside or outside of the gym, you can create a sense of community and give them a connection that may keep them coming back.

  1. Provide Support

When new gym members arrive on site for the first few times they might be confused about where to start and what they can do to begin working toward their goals. Make sure that staff are on hand to help direct new members when they arrive and are available throughout the gym to provide customer service, answer questions and train new members on how to use the equipment.

  1. Develop a New Gym Member On-Boarding Program

When a new member signs up, use a questionnaire to determine how familiar they are with what gyms and fitness centers have to offer, how to use equipment and so on. Ask questions about whether one-on-one encouragement, a workout buddy or a class format would be most likely to help them get plugged in and on their way to achieving their goals. Ask what their specific goals are and give them checklists for workouts that could help them reach their New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and improve their health.

Tens of thousands of Americans are about to resolve that they will lose weight and get healthier in the New Year, and many will join a local gym hoping for the support they need to reach their goals. Don’t let them down! Beat the odds and make changes now that will turn new gym members into loyal patrons so you can grow your gym or fitness center in the months to come.

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