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8 Digital Marketing Trends for Small Businesses


The digital marketing landscape continues to evolve and embracing the evolution is exciting. Our social lives have become a part of the digital sphere. Millions of people from around the globe, whether they be a customer, business, family or friend, are spending large amounts of time online. This newfangled way to communicate messages and ideas has got people very interested.

One major characteristic about the digital world is: It’s always changing. It’s a vine that keeps growing; not just in size but blooming with ideas, experiences, visuals, stories and so much more. If you want to grow with the digital world, you’ve got to join the digital world. It’s a jump rope ordeal, just jump in and start jumping. With that in mind, here are eight trending digital marketing strategies for success.

Influencer marketing

You’ve probably already heard of this term and for good reason. With the evolution of technology and available information, consumers have become much savvier when it comes to deciding on brands, products and services. Many times, they have already done most of their research before making a purchase. They just don’t trust advertisements as much as they used to. On the other hand, they listen to online influencers through one of the various social media platforms such as YouTube or Instagram.

A social media influencer tends to have a large following on at least one social media platform. They might even have their own YouTube channel. To incorporate influencer marketing into your digital marketing strategy, you must first choose an influencer who would naturally use your product and service.

Determine whether their following matches your target market. In addition, you must see if they are interested and then be prepared to pay them to talk about your company. Top influencers can be costly. On the other hand, you can save money by working with up-and-coming influencers within your local market.

Customer relations

Customer relations will always be trending because it’s legendary. There’s nothing like excellent customer service and the golden your service is, the more legendary it becomes.

Digital marketers have access to mobile CRM applications, online systems and good old fashioned contact lists. Having good customer relation management (CRM) is about addressing your customer’s needs. Keeping a good tab on your clients is key. Your marketing efforts need to build relationships and enrich communication efforts including with your prospects.

With good CRM digital applications, marketers get instant access to important information such as recently purchased products, account history and up-to-date pricing. All of the necessary information about a client or prospect is right at your fingertips.

You no longer have to waste time trying to determine the topic of your last conversation with a client or prospect. As a result, your mobile CRM can help to give valuable insights for guiding your digital marketing strategy.

With all of this customer information at your fingertips, you can get a birds eye and comprehensive view into understanding your customer’s motivations, needs and wants. Then, you can tailor your marketing strategy accordingly.


In 2015, Periscope and Meerkat made live feeds relevant. In 2016, the trend experienced an explosion through Facebook Live, Snapchat Stories and Blab. Moreover, in 2015, Facebook measured in 8 billion views a day with its users spending three times longer watching live video.

Some analysts believe Facebook Live may eventually replace television news. In any event, it’s imperative for your small business to use live feeds to broadcast your, talk about your services, engage with your target market and display your products.

Content is still king

Users have become overwhelmed and desensitized to all of the content readily available to them. Every minute, 300 hours of video is uploaded to Youtube. As a result, it is critical to have simple and interesting content that will get noticed by your target audience. Don’t post something that has already been posted millions of times. Take the time to be unique.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) marketing applications is one of the most significant digital marketing trends for small businesses in 2017. It is truly relevant to device makers and retailers, making it a high-priority on your digital marketing checklist.

By 2020, it’s expected that there’ll be around 75 million connected devices. This means there will be 10 times as many devices that will talk to one another than there are people on the planet. Think of how this impacts your digital marketing strategies and campaigns. All of this sharing of data will have unexpected and exponential benefits to the online market.

Mobile marketing

More than 70 percent of people use their mobile devices to browse the Internet. Yet, work still needs to be done in this area as research has shown conversion rates are still much lower on a smartphone. This is why your business should continue to focus on optimizing conversion on mobile.

Furthermore, this can make a major impact since Google follows a mobile first mantra. You may also want to consider adaptive mobile design approaches which offer more contextual and relevant content for your users. Plus, it decreases load times. The customer journey goes through different devices. Treat your mobile marketing strategy as part of a multi-platform plan. Contrary to some analysts, people still use their laptops.

Big data

This includes predictive analytics, market and customer insight. Big data is a key trend for 2017, simply due to the increase in real-time data and data formats. As a result, this large volume of data can be used to increase sales and marketing results through personalization. Big data can be mined to better understand customer characteristics and behavior. Plus, predictive analytics can be used to enhance email marketing.

Marketing automation

This is a trend designed to make your life a lot easier. Through marketing automation, you can schedule advertising, content and other digital assets to appear where and when you would like them to. In addition, dynamic advertising was built to show customers the exact items they have been browsing on your website, even when they have moved on to other platforms.

“In 2017, marketing automation will be more important than ever before. Taking the manual labor out of essential marketing functions, such as email blasts and social media posts, marketing automation will help companies reclaim valuable time,” said Adam Binder, Founder of Creative Click Media. “It will allow marketing teams to refocus their energy on bigger projects, as well as monitor campaign success and customer engagement more efficiently.”

We’ve covered the most exciting and relevant digital marketing trends for small businesses in 2017. Now, it’s up to you to create a strategy that fits your business objectives. Even if you find some of the tools confusing, the most important goal is to reach your digital marketing goals by getting active online.

Ryan Stewart is a digital marketing consultant with over 8 years of experience working to help Fortune 500 brands grow their online presence. He currently resides in Miami, where he owns boutique creative agency WEBRIS. You can find Ryan on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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