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8 Entrepreneurial Ideas for Moms that Want to Work from Home

8 Entrepreneurial Ideas for Moms that Want to Work from Home

Moms that want to work from home have more opportunities than ever before. Here are eight ideas for entrepreneurial-minded moms that want to generate income without selling.

The number of sole proprietors in the U.S. has grown more than 28 percent over the past decade; in part, because of innovations in technology and startup funding that make it possible for entrepreneurs to launch without a lot of money. Thanks to technology, moms that want to work but don’t want to leave their homes to do so have more opportunities to generate income than ever before.

There have always been opportunities for women that wanted to work from home. Realizing that women might be best at selling to women, multi-level marketing organizations like Tupperware®, Avon®, Mary Kay® – just to name a few – have over the years deployed vast numbers of women in selling roles; and a great many women have achieved extraordinary success in those roles. Notwithstanding, it bears pointing out that not every woman who wants to work from home is well-suited or desirous of selling. So with no disrespect intended to companies that recruit stay-at-home moms and other women for selling roles, here are eight more options for women that want to generate an income without selling.

8 Ways Moms Can Work From Home Without Selling

  1. Blogging

Moms that enjoy writing in nearly any area of expertise can quickly launch a blog site and make money by enabling display ads or featuring affiliate promotions on their site. Depending on the type and size of audience that a blog develops, companies may even reach out to mom bloggers and offer to pay for dedicated ad space and sponsored content.

  1. Copywriting

Moms that want to work from home can generate income and retain control over how much time they want to commit to working by partnering with brands or with content farming companies which delegate work to writers based on their areas of expertise.

  1. Current and Former Employers

Moms who are considering leaving a company in order to work from home may find that if they can offer a creative option, their current or a former employer might be more than happy to let them work from home. Indeed, this type of arrangement often creates a win-win situation wherein a mom can achieve the quality of work-life balance desired and an employer can retain a valuable worker and save on recruiting and training costs.

  1. Consulting

Expertise isn’t just something that can be applied on the job. Women leaving the traditional workforce in order to work from home can often continue in their field of interest by working as consultants.

  1. Teaching and Tutoring

Moms have worked from home for many years as music teachers and coaches. Offering group or individual classes and tutoring services is another excellent example of an opportunity that enables moms to work from home and to determine how many – or how few – hours they want to work. Since classes and lessons are often conducted after school or in the evenings, it might also be the perfect window of time for moms who need to work during hours when older children or a significant other would be available to watch younger children in the household.

  1. Cooking and Catering

Moms who want to work from home preparing meals or catering will always be in demand; people need to eat! Creating lunch boxes for delivery to local job sites, catering Chamber of Commerce or company events or cooking on behalf of busy professionals that want nutritious home-cooked meals for their own families could all lead to a steady stream of work or income for entrepreneurial-minded stay at home moms.

  1. Manufacturing

The idea of manufacturing often conjures up images of big factories and warehouses; however, many of today’s manufacturing giants started as home-based and small businesses. Innovative women who want to work from home and have the talent and means to make something can convert an extra bedroom or garage space into a workroom and launch a manufacturing business from home.

  1. Event and Party Planning

Moms who have the time to research venues, shop for supplies, line up food and flowers, coordinate invitations, decorations and the hundred-and-one other activities can provide a valuable service to overwhelmed brides-to-be or busy administrative pros charged with putting events together. Event planners may find work in any number of avenues; such as:

  • Weddings
  • Wedding-related events like bridal showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, receptions, etc.
  • Company events such as holiday parties, conferences and prospect visits
  • Trade shows
  • Chamber of Commerce, Rotary or local business networking events
  • Open houses and grand openings
  1. Ghost Writing

Ghostwriting is another great option for moms that want to generate income while working from home. A close cousin of copywriting, ghost writers write on behalf of others and let someone else take the credit. Some brands hire ghost writers to generate content on behalf of their executives, but ghost writing is also a valuable service to individuals who want to share their biography or a fictional story but don’t have the ability (or desire) to write it themselves.

  1. Editing

Editing services are increasingly in demand, thanks in part to some of the other services referenced above, including ghost writing, tutoring and copywriting. Editors provide an invaluable service to writers and brand content producers in helping to finesse a writing project as well as correct any grammatical or spelling errors. Every writer who has ever worked with a good editor will tell you that these services are worth their weight in gold!

In truth, nearly any type of expertise can help a woman transition from a job situation working outside of the home to one working within it with a little creativity. As technology continues to evolve, these opportunities will only increase.

What about you? Do you work in a home-based situation in one of these fields? Give your home-based business a shout-out by leaving a comment below or tweeting your information to us @KabbageInc – we would love to find out more about your business! If you’re interested in learning more about Kabbage, visit our business loans for women page.