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8 Tips to Improve Your Business Writing Skills And Grow

The importance of good, well-written content is totally underestimated in the business world. It’s generally assumed that people will just take what you give them, but businesses quickly realize the hard way that this is just not the case. No matter the size of your business, what your customers want to see is content that’s valuable to them and provides them with some level of usefulness. Here are some tips to help improve your business writing skills and avoid mistakes you could potentially be making in your content:

1. Positively perfect
Everyone’s got something negative to say about something. It’s always easier to complain than it is to pay a compliment, but hearing an abundance of negativity can truly be exhausting. Being inundated with bad thoughts can really weigh down on a person, and it can eventually cause them to tune out completely. For the most part, people want to feel good, uplifted and hopeful. Taking a positive spin on things will give your readers that good feeling they want, and will make them more receptive to your message.

2. Words matter
It’s not enough to write things and hope your audience understands what you’re trying to say. If you’re writing about a topic that you’re not very knowledgeable about, make sure that you research the topic extensively so that your writing will make sense to your readers.

3. Get to the point already!
Your readers don’t want to sift through your content to find what they’re looking for. They want what they want, and they want it now. Filling your pages with fluff only serves to frustrate your readers and can easily send them elsewhere to find the information they want. Remember, the average person has an attention span of about 8 seconds – so if it takes you longer than that to grab their attention and make your point, you’ve likely already lost them.

4. Plan ahead
You may have countless thoughts spinning through your head about what to write about and what you want to tell your readers. But confused thoughts lead to confused writing, which inevitably leads to confused readers. When you sit down to write, before you start, think about what you want to say – get a clear picture of the point you want to make and map out how you’ll make that point. The clearer your content is, the better received it will be. Trying to jump the gun and think as you write may seem like an honest and forthright approach but it more often than not results in jumbled thoughts, repetitiveness and incoherent ramblings.

5. Don’t miss the most important stuff
While you’re getting caught up in the brouhaha of what you’re writing about, you may be overlooking some of the most important things you should be including. Look at your content through the eyes of someone who knows nothing about your business and see if there’s any information that’s missing that would be essential to them. The best method is to give your writing to someone who actually doesn’t know anything about your business so they can proofread it and tell you what they would need or expect to see. Perhaps it’s something as simple as an address or phone number that could easily be overlooked by someone already familiar with the business.

6. Don’t LOL
There’s a time and a place for abbreviations, symbols and emojis, and your business writing is neither. If you’re sending a text to a friend, it’s completely appropriate, but when you’re writing content for your business and want to put on a professional face, things need to be written to reflect that.

7. Proofread the heck out of your writing
For goodness sake, don’t let all of the effort you’ve put into your writing go to waste by allowing mistakes to sneak through to your customers. Whether you’re doing the proofreading yourself, letting a trusted friend or colleague do it or sending it off to a professional proofreading service, this is one step you absolutely cannot miss. The reputation of your business could literally be hinging on producing error-free content for your readers to consume.

8. Buzz-off with the buzzwords
We’ve all heard those catchy clichés that make their way into so much written content these days – but they are generally overused and unclear in their meanings. Steer clear of these tired, boring and essentially meaningless phrases. Instead, find new ways of saying these things – your new way should be a more definitive and straightforward wording. So, instead of saying that you want to “push the envelope,” make a statement about what that specifically means to you and your business.

Make use of any or all of these online resources to boost your content writing and help your business grow:

  • Easy Word Count – Stay within the word limitations you’ve set with the accurate counts of this online tool.
  • EssayRoo – When you need to call in the professionals, EssayRoo has experienced writers who are well versed in their fields, ready and able to help get your content written.
  • AustralianHelp – The library of resources compiled by AustralianHelp can help to keep the grammar in your content flawless so that you can keep your credibility intact.
  • Academized – Don’t put your reputation on the line by risking accusations of plagiarism when you’ve got this helpful resource to reference.
  • UK Writings – The best method for proofreading is to have a real person do the job. At UK Writings there’s a team of professional proofreaders on hand, trained and ready to work for you.
  • Cite It In – Produce flawless citations using this instantaneous tool so your readers can easily reference the materials you’ve used, and so you’re giving proper credit where it’s due.
  • Boom Essays – Get advice from experts in the know by using the team at Boom Essays for consultation with your content writing needs.

Mary Walton is a business writer. She helps with resume proofreading at Resumention, and creates successful business presentations and online courses at Paper Fellows. Mary has a blog – Simple Grad, there you can check latest tips for students on how to improve education and college life.

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