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A Week in the Life of a Salon Business Marketer

A Week in the Life of a Salon Business Marketer

This week-long salon marketing plan can be used as a checklist to help ensure that your salon marketing plan is rock-solid. It’s rooted in the marketing tactics that can help you attract new salon clients in today’s digital marketing landscape and includes marketing ideas that will keep your current client base engaged and interested in your salon business. This planner also allows you to take advantage of opportunities you might not have anticipated or which can pop-up unexpectedly in a given day.


Create a Picture Quote (or find one that you like) and share it on your social networks; make it something inspirational and cheerful to help clients start their week off on a positive note. During the day, check in on social networks and respond personally to anyone who left a comment about your Picture Quote; if anyone shared your Picture Quote, like their post and comment on their feed, because likes, comments and shares help extend the reach of your posts on social networks.

A new stylist just joined the team; add her photo and bio to the about us page of your salon website and create a special offer for first-time clients who book with your new stylist over the next 90 days. Post an announcement on your social networks welcoming your new stylist to the team, along with the special offer for first-time clients that book an appointment with them.


Publish new content to your salon’s website each week that will help your site get found online, more often, by local shoppers who want to discover new businesses like yours or who may even be looking for a salon in your area. Instead of only talking about your salon, talk about other businesses in the community, local restaurants, recreation and entertainment and become the authority on style and fashion by posting content about current trends.

For instance, in the four weeks you have to publish in a given month, you might post this series of topics:

  • Week One: A blog post that lists the current promotions and special offers for the month including a call-to-action that takes readers to your online booking platform or includes a click-to-call link with your salon’s phone number.
  • Week Two: An “about our team” blog post that tells readers about the education, professional skills and abilities that your salon’s staff members have; include something more personal like a favorite color, book, food, etc., for each staff member to give readers an interesting or fun bit of information that will make them feel more personally connected to you or your staff.
  • Week Three: A blog post that talks about any products or services you plan to add in the near future or highlights those that you have added to your salon menu recently; tell readers about the features and benefits and describe the type of person who would most benefit from them.
  • Week Four: A blog post with your salon team’s Top 10 Local Restaurants or some other top 10 list of local destinations; such as, Valentine’s Day date ideas, best places to take senior photos, best places to eat before Prom or Homecoming, best places for outdoor weddings, etc. All of the local spots that you highlight on your blog will help more local community members discover your salon online!

Share the content you published this week on your salon blog with all of your social followers. Just as you did on Monday, check back throughout the day and respond personally to anyone who comments on your update or shares this content with their own social networks.

Social Media Tip: Use a free social media automation tool like HootSuite to schedule social posts to go out during the week. this is a great way to save time since you can schedule updates to go out across several different networks at once and you can repeat social updates at different times throughout the month so that they reach a wider audience.


Use your smartphone to video and photograph as you recreate a celebrity or current hair style on a client or friend who volunteered to be your model for the occasion. This might be a great way to put the skills of your new stylist in the spotlight!

Post the video to YouTube and share it on social networks. Use the step-by-step photos that you took and write out the instructions that clients need to recreate the look at home. Combine the photos and text into a Word document and save it as a PDF. Instead of making it available to everyone on your website, use your email marketing platform to create a gateway and require that people subscribe to receive the PDF instruction sheet by mail.

BONUS! A client who had a 2-hour hair color appointment booked for tomorrow just cancelled; check your wait list and call anyone who has been on stand-by. If your wait list doesn’t take you up on the opportunity, send a text message to followers who have subscribed to your mobile text messaging contact list and a short email to local email subscribers to let people know that a popular stylist has a last-minute opening. This gives clients who did not pre-book or who may have forgotten to book their next appointment a chance to get back into the salon more quickly.


Send an email to your contact list; for the subject line, focus on the one thing you include from the list below that would be most interesting to your ideal client type:

  • Reuse the Picture Quote you made on day one as the headline graphic in the email
  • Include a link to the blog article that you posted on day two
  • Include an announcement welcoming your new stylist and the special offer for first-time clients that book with your new addition
  • List any last-minute openings that you still have on the books for next week
  • Include content likely to interest your ideal client types; e.g., celebrity or seasonal fashion and style photos, a step-by-step tutorial for home hair care or styling and tell them something they might know about your salon or staff

Post a link to the web version of your email on your social networks and invite social followers to become email subscribers, too. Likewise, make sure that your email template includes links to your social networks so that subscribers can become social followers who can engage with you every day, not just once a week.


The weekend is nearly here! Shoot a quick text reminder to your contacts highlighting the services you offer that can help them get ready for the weekend; such as:

  • Party or holiday blow out and style appointments
  • Manicures or pedicures for weekend-ready hands and feet
  • Relaxing spa services or massages – and so on

Create a Picture Quote (or find one that you like) and share it to your social networks; this time, make it something weekend-related or humorous to help your audience begin to transition out of work-week mentality and into weekend mode. During the day, check in on social networks and respond personally to anyone who left a comment about your Picture Quote; if anyone shared your Picture Quote, like their post and comment on their feed, because likes, comments and shares help extend the reach of your posts on social networks.

Whether you are a hair dresser, salon business owner or you want to open your own salon one day, planning a calendar of promotional activities in advance and keeping a running list of topics that will engage your target markets can help ensure that your marketing plan doesn’t get lost on busy days. If the ball does get dropped, a salon marketing plan like this can help you pick up where you left off, so salon growth doesn’t stall along the way.

What about you? Is there a salon marketing or business topic you would like us to cover in an upcoming article? Tweet us your suggestions at @KabbageInc or leave a comment below.



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