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Stress Awareness Month: Managing Stress

April is National Stress Awareness month, and to help small business owners manage their stress, Kabbage spoke with other small business owners on their own experiences with stress. These owners shared their experiences as well as gave advice on how to manage stress.

What techniques or tips would you give new small business owners on stress management?

“Workout. There is nothing more refreshing than going on a run after a stressful day of work. Even if you feel like you didn’t accomplish a lot at the office, you will feel like you accomplished something personally. It is a great way to decompress. Also, find someone you can talk to about your business. I was fortunate that I could vent to my sister. Whether it is your spouse, parents or another local entrepreneur, have someone you can talk to because getting your thoughts out in the open is important.” – Jason Parks, DermWarehouse

“I enjoy getting a massage and an adjustment at the chiropractor to help me stay grounded.” – Hollie Dean, Hollie Dean Law

“Especially when you have an online business, it’s easy to be too connected. You have to force yourself to unplug, otherwise you’ll be working 24/7. Make a rule for yourself to put away your phone for a couple hours in the evening. Spend that time with your family, friends or even alone. Same goes for your computer and tablet. And while you’re at it, carry that over to bedtime and watch your sleep drastically improve.” – Chris Branter, CutCableToday

“Find something that helps you manage your stress such as acupuncture, float therapy, yoga, meditation, journaling or painting, and make time for it. Manage your stress throughout the day by drinking teas with calming ingredients such as passionflower or chamomile, breathing deeply from your belly (I recommend Dr. Weil’s 4-7-8 practice), diffusing essential oils such as lavender, bergamot, chamomile, frankincense or a calming blend and going for a brisk walk.” – Amy Landolt, Northshore Acupuncture Center

“Here are the few stress management tips for small business owners: Learn time management techniques, remind yourself that you have choices (you can say ‘yes’ and you can say ‘no’), stop overcommitting, start doing exercise or yoga regularly [and] have healthy food and sleep well.” – Amit Kumar, Nibblematrix

“If I could just give one tip it would be: collaborate. Form an informal working/support group with other small business owners. I organize these groups so that there’s a diverse set of businesses represented made up of like-minded people. Most small business owners work in a silo. Having a group of people who get it (with no strings attached) can help with finding tools, perspective and information that is truly relevant and helpful. Referrals and bartering generally come along, but that’s just a happy byproduct.” – Jennifer Markiewicz, Colorado Transition Partners

“The way I handle stress of running a fast-growing start up is to run a marathon each and every spring. There are many parallels to running a marathon and the journey of entrepreneurship.  Creating a forcing function locking in into a set training schedule helps me hold myself accountable to complete preparation to run it every year. While I don’t actually enjoy the running itself, I feel much better after each round of training is done and it renews me for the work the next day that must be done in the office. I also find that I operate like a well-oiled machine mentally and physically when I am spending the five months training for my marathon every year.” – Bryan Clayton, GreenPal

“My advice to small business owners is you cannot control everything and don’t. Your bottom line will grow once you focus on the people, mission of the business and are clear. Lean in on others and allow them to support you in automating your business. There is no need to fill our days up with things just to be busy. Focus on what is important, hire quality versus quantity and keep a positive team around you. I stop and smell the roses often to alleviate the stress. Enjoy the ride. Have fun and create a supportive team to take on the mundane tasks so you can focus on the bigger picture.” – Dailisha Rodriguez, Hey There Beautiful, Inc.

“My advice for new business owners is to keep learning and keep evolving. You have to study up on what’s working and not working in your field and know what works and doesn’t work for you and your style. It’s all about the hustle and drive. If you have that, then be confident you’ll survive no matter what.” – Audra Heller, Audra Heller and Associates

“Find an outlet and someone to talk to besides your spouse or partner. At some point, your business will be boring, and they will get sick of hearing about it!” – Marcey Rader, Work Well. Play More! Institute

“Block off time on your calendar to step away from your business periodically and do something you love – either leave an employee in charge, if you have someone you can trust, or tell your customers that you’ll be away. By taking personal time to reset, you’ll be able to mentally unwind, which will help you come up with big-picture ideas for your business instead of getting bogged down in the day-to-day details.” – Kathryn Hawkins, Eucalypt

Have any experiences or advice on how to manage stress as a small business owner? Leave a comment below or reach out to us on our social channels!

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