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Attract New Clients with these 4 Salon Marketing Hacks

Attract New Clients with these 4 Salon Marketing Hacks

Attracting new salon clients is second only to managing and motivating staff when it comes to the concerns of beauty professionals. These four salon marketing hacks can help you attract new clients without discounting or depleting profit margins.

Hundreds of salon owners recently participated in a survey which listed their top three concerns as motivating and managing salon staff, attracting new salon clients and improving salon client retention rates

Salon owners cited discounting as problematic when it comes to attracting clients as well as losing clients to competitors. While discounting to attract clients can seem like an easy salon marketing tactic, there are several ways it can hurt a salon during the short and long term instead of help; for instance:

  • Negative connotations for salons perceived as “cheap”
  • Erosion of profit margins
  • Acquiring clients loyal to the discount instead of the salon

Used as a competitive advantage, discounting can lead to a race to the bottom, with the salon that has the most reserves positioned to win. The clients you win with a special offer might leave just as quickly when the next good deal comes along. Plus, the erosion of profit margins can lead to cash flow challenges that make it harder to meet operational expenses and grow a salon.

While discounting per se can negatively impact your salon, there are special offers and pricing strategies that can still be valid in helping to attract salon clients, and you’ll find those among the salon marketing hacks we share below.

4 Marketing Hacks to Attract New Salon Clients

  1. Get Found in Local Search

Many websites are built with site visitors in mind; that is, with information meant to help someone who has already found the site make a decision to book an appointment or buy products and services. What is sometimes missing is content and coding that helps the right people find a salon’s website to begin with; such as:

  • Meta tags that tell search engines what is on each web page
  • A website that is mobile friendly and displays well on any type of device
  • Webpage content that includes phrases that real people might use when looking for a business like yours

In particular, make sure that your website content references your local area. By including not only your city name but names of local neighborhoods or landmarks (like malls, business parks, lakes and local interest points) you increase the likelihood that people will find your salon’s website when searching for a salon online. You are also likely to gain brand awareness among people who are not currently looking for a salon, but may be in the future, since your website content will show up in local searches more often.

  1. Sell Gift Cards at a Special Price

Selling gift cards at a discount or promoting a BOGO (buy one, get one) offer on gift cards is a salon marketing hack that’s worth exploring. By discounting gift cards, you gain the attention of new clients who want a deal without discounting your services or products specifically.

Most importantly, selling gift cards works as a client attraction strategy. More than seven out of 10 people who try a new business because they received a gift card to do so come back again, according to gift card statistics published on In addition, 72 percent of those redeeming a gift card will ultimately spend more than the card’s value as well.

  1. Increase Perceived Value

We have talked about how discounting a salon’s services or products can negatively impact client perceptions about value. On the other hand, the extent to which clients believe they are getting an outstanding value compared to the cost of your salon services or products may lead to a full book of business plus a waiting list of people that want to come on as new clients.

Increasing the value that clients perceive in your services and products also makes it much easier for you to increase prices in order to keep pace with increases in your own cost of doing business or become more profitable.

  1. Build Referral Engines

Asking for referrals from your existing client base is only one way to attract new salon clients through word-of-mouth. You can also generate referrals by:

  • Encouraging clients to check in using your salon’s Wi-Fi
  • Encouraging or incentivizing social followers to share your posts on social media
  • Giving clients special pricing when purchasing gift cards for their friends, loved ones or colleagues
  • Rewarding clients when they refer others to your salon
  • Holding after-hours and VIP-exclusive events for clients +1
  • Partnering with other local businesses for cooperative and cross marketing

Ultimately, all of these salon marketing hacks can help you attract new clients without discounting, making it easier for you to grow your business and make it more profitable. What’s more, many of them are also effective when it comes to increasing client engagement and loyalty as well.

What about you? What was the most effective salon promotion you ran, and why do you think it worked so well? Share your ideas below or tweet your response to us at @KabbageInc – we would love to hear from you!


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