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The Kabbage Team is here to not only fund the small business loans you need, but to help you grow your business through free marketing tips, webinars, tools and more. Is there something you'd like us to cover or want to get your small business featured on our blog? Send us a note at
Holiday & Seasonal Marketing, Small Business Spotlight

Small Business Owners Share Holiday Excitement

Kabbage spoke with small business owners about the holidays. In this post, they discuss how they give back to their communities, what they’re looking most forward to and more! They also provide advice to those who are experiencing the winter holidays for the first time as a small business owner. What are you looking forward to… Read more

Holiday & Seasonal Marketing, Marketing, Retail & Inventory, Shipping, Social Media

Your Guide to Mastering the End-of-Year Holidays

The holidays provide great revenue opportunities for your retail business. The National Retail Federation (NRF) reports that in 2016, holiday retail sales reached $658.3 billion nationwide (which exceeded its expectations by $3 billion!) – $122.9 billion of which was obtained online. So how can you prepare your shop for the peak spending holidays? Here, we’ll… Read more

Cyber Security

How to Protect Your Small Biz From Cyber Threats

In honor of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Nick Santora, CEO of Curricula, spoke with Kabbage head Kathyrn Petralia about how small businesses can effectively protect themselves from cyber attacks in a more effective and efficient way. Also discussed is how Kabbage protects itself, and its customer information, from cyber threats. With over a decade… Read more

Expansion, Women in Business

How to Grow Your Woman-Owned Business

Getting certified as a woman-owned small business can open up a world of new profitable opportunities. But having your certification doesn’t necessarily mean million-dollar deals will fall into your lap! You still need to create and execute a strategy that will help put you in front of the right prospects and move you toward closing… Read more

Cyber Security

The Cyber War on Small Business: NFIB Webinar Recap

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) hosted a webinar on the cyber war against small businesses. Featuring Dillon Behr, the executive lines broker at Risk Placement Services, Inc., the webinar detailed how and why hackers target small businesses, what small businesses can do to prevent attacks and how they can respond to attacks. Here,… Read more

Cyber Security

Cyber Security Expert Weighs In On Securing Your Small Biz

As shown by the recent Equifax hack, cyber security is vital for your business. But should your small business be that concerned? After all, you’re not a large corporation funneling millions and millions into your revenue stream. The answer, however, is yes. You might not be aware of it, but hackers target businesses that don’t… Read more

Tools, Women in Business

Resources to Check Out for Your Woman-Owned Business

Women make up 38 percent of all businesses in the U.S. but tend to be underrepresented in the business world. The many hurdles they face, especially when it comes to receiving financing, make them have to fight harder than other entrepreneurs to succeed. If you’re a woman in business, check out these helpful resources. Grants… Read more

Kabbage Customers, Restaurant & Bars, Small Business Spotlight

Behind the Business: Tin Whistle Brings Locals Together for Irish Jigs & Fare

Kabbage spoke with Kabbage customer Jacie Dunkle, owner of Tin Whistle Irish Pub. Dunkle and her team bring Irish culture to life for her guests and love doing so. Along with Tin Whistle, Dunkle owns two other restaurants in the Charlottesville area as well – Fellini’s #9 and Salad Maker. To keep up with Tin… Read more

Kabbage News, Small Business Spotlight

Supporting Small Businesses, In and Out of Kabbage!

Having an entrepreneurial spirit is one of the many common threads shared by Kabbage employees. As a company that promotes both collective and individual growth, we celebrate when our employees delve deeper into their interests outside of the office and, in some cases, make a business out of it. We sat down with four Kabbage… Read more

Kabbage Customers, Small Business Spotlight, Women in Business

Behind the Business: Accountingprose Tells Beautiful Stories With Client Financials

Kabbage spoke with Kabbage customer Cristina Garza, owner of and Chief Number Cruncher at Accountingprose. Garza serves a wide variety of small businesses – from technology startups to creative agencies to professional service organizations. Garza and her team work tirelessly to ensure passion-chasers can continue successfully chasing their passions. To keep up with these small… Read more