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Author Archives: Constantina Kokenes

Constantina is an SEO & Content Specialist at Kabbage, a fully-automated online lender for small businesses. She holds a Master’s degree from Northwestern University. She has been featured in The Huffington Post and 360 Advertising Weekly.
Hiring & Payroll, Leadership, Marketing, Technology

20 Small Business Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

With 2018 upon us, it’s time to revamp and rethink your strategies for your small business. Align your goals with what’s trending to ensure you meet, or even possibly exceed, your expectations. From hiring to technological advances, here are 20 small business trends you should keep in mind when setting your 2018 goals. Marketing &… Read more

Small Business Spotlight

Small Business Spotlight: FitStyle Grace

Kabbage spoke with small business owner Grace Albin of @fitstylegrace on where she started, how far she’s come and how she’s achieved success. Grace began her entrepreneurial journey in January 2017. In six months, she has grown her Instagram following to over 20,000 followers! She also helps nearby businesses, using her platform to help her local animal… Read more

Health & Beauty

10 Hair and Makeup Trends for 2017 Wedding Season

Summer is rapidly approaching, and for beauty salons, that means one thing: It’s wedding season. When you’re busy running your small business, it can be tough to keep up with current trends. If you’re behind the latest bridal trends, here are 10 of the most popular hair and makeup trends coming your way this summer…. Read more

Business Plan, Starting A Business, Veteran Businesses

5 Small Business Tips for Veteran Startups

Starting a small business can be difficult, especially if you’re not sure where to start. Fortunately, as a veteran, you have the diligence, determination and experience to run a successful small business. You don’t shy away from a challenge. However, it can be tricky to know how to start. If you’re looking to become an… Read more

Cash Flow, Finance & Accounting

5 Cash Flow Tips for Seasonal Businesses

Many entrepreneurs love running very lucrative seasonal businesses. Some of examples of these types of businesses include landscaping companies, costume shops and tax preparation offices. However, many seasonal business owners struggle to manage cash flow because they have some fixed operating expenses that have to be paid throughout the year and only can enjoy peak… Read more

Expansion, Restaurant & Bars

How to Expand Your Restaurant to Food Trucks

If you’re a restaurant owner, and you’re wanting to expand your business, but you don’t have enough capital yet to open a new location, consider expanding to a food truck. Many large brick-and-mortar chains have expanded to having food trucks, from Starbucks to McDonald’s to TGI Fridays. On their own, food trucks offer many benefits,… Read more

Kabbage News

Atlanta Small Businesses: 7 Ways to Survive I-85 Collapse

When the unexpected happens, it’s easy to say you’re not prepared. For Atlanta small business owners, if you would have asked your neighbor what was going to happen two weeks ago, the last thing they would have said was the I-85 bridge collapsing. The bridge, which sees roughly 250,000 cars per day, has caused massive… Read more

Restaurant & Bars, Social Media

How Your Restaurant Can Respond to Negative Reviews

One thing all restaurant owners fear is receiving a bad review. Especially for newly opened restaurants, reviews can make or break your success as a small business owner. Perhaps more important than the review itself is how you handle it. Your response to a customer’s complaint shows other potential and existing customers how you handle… Read more

Company Culture, Employee Management, Hiring & Payroll, Leadership

10 Ways to Manage Stress in Small Businesses

Employees and employers alike have all experienced stress in the workplace and it can be hard to manage at times. Here are five ways employees can take action to ease their stress and five ways small business owners can help them do so without hurting their budget. If you’re an employee, try these tips to… Read more

Website Design

If Your Website Doesn’t Do These 3 Things, You’re Losing Money

By: Kabbage Partner, Weebly Building a website for your business is hard. From design and visual elements, to content and branding, the list of essential considerations is huge. You can develop and improve many of these pieces over time, but if you neglect these 3 crucial elements you’re probably losing money. 1. Shopping Cart Optimization You’ve… Read more