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Author Archives: Lizabeth Frohwein

Lizabeth Frohwein in an intern in the People Operations department at Kabbage. She recently graduated high school and will be attending Northwestern University in the fall. She is planning on majoring in English Literature.
Kabbage Customers, Small Business Spotlight

Small Business Spotlight: Jenn’s Junction Preschool

  Kabbage spoke with Anita Iaco from Jenn’s Junction Preschool to learn about her experience opening and operating the school. Anita and her daughter Jenn opened the preschool together after Jenn graduated with a degree in early education. Jenn didn’t want to limit herself to a single classroom, so she decided to open the school… Read more

Small Business Spotlight

Small Business Spotlight: How One Business Becomes One With Nature

Kabbage spoke with Alex Shirley-Smith, the Managing Director at Tentsile, to gain insight into a company that inspires its customers to become one with nature. As a young boy, Alex was devastated when he saw the destruction of the Amazonian Rainforest on TV, and when he saw Return of the Jedi a few weeks later,… Read more

Kabbage News

Kabbage Brussels Sprouts – Profiling Our Summer Interns

Kabbage’s new crop of summer interns, known fondly as the “Brussels Sprouts,” has been hard at work for the past few weeks, occupying themselves with projects and research to fill their respective roles within their teams. We interviewed the interns to gain a better understanding of what they’re working on and what they love about… Read more