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Meet the Businesses Behind the Billion


We’re still racing toward the finish line of $1 billion of small businesses loans provided! Kabbage wouldn’t be where it is without the support of our rock star small business customers around the country, and nothing gets us more jazzed than recognizing our customers’ successes while we grow along with them.

As a part of our celebration, we’re focusing on some of the businesses behind the billion that have been part of the Kabbage story. We asked our customers what moment launched their business toward the finish line and are excited to share some of their race to success stories.

Christina Burns


St. Paul, MN

Before working with Kabbage, I relied on business credit cards, which came with the penalty of higher interest rates. I considered a bank loan, but given the paperwork, timeframe to get the funds and the inquiry on my credit, I would have missed out on a crucial inventory purchase. Kabbage offers the ease of accessing working capital without the hassle of confusing paperwork or a long waiting period that could force me to pass up great opportunities. If I need fresh inventory, I just go online and click a few buttons, and I’m ready to move forward. This has made my business grow significantly more than we imagined, allowing us to increase our sales by 38%. Having my Kabbage capital in my pocket through the Kabbage app helps me keep racing toward success and gives me the security of knowing I can access funds in minutes to purchase inventory, no matter where I am. As a small business owner, I need to think and act fast, and Kabbage enables me to do that.


Tom Stroup

Valaset Services LLC 

Dallas, TX

I first started my online retail business out of my basement and garage. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to buy a large quantity of inventory. I knew I would be able to make a profit, but I didn’t have the capital up front to make the purchase. I asked my local bank about a line of credit, but the process proved to be very complicated. The moment that launched my business toward the finish line was getting extra working capital through Kabbage. I had met a Kabbage representative at an industry event and knew they were the solution. Applying was easy and put me in a position to make the purchase I needed to expand my business. I have since taken several loans and continue to grow – adding two employees and a large warehouse.


Alicia Beeson

XSEED Design and Production

Longmont, CO

I wasted two years trying to prove to corporate banks that my business was “worthy” of the small business loan I needed to stay afloat. When I discovered Kabbage online, I couldn’t believe I was approved and funded in one day! I have since been stress-free about our bills in the slow season and have been able focus on advancing into bigger and better ventures. Being able to turn to Kabbage pushed me forward in my own race and has made all the difference to my business!


Konstantin Gorshkov

Seattle Thread

Seattle, WA

The moment that launched our business toward the finish line was the moment we first opened the doors on day one. There is no going back, and failure is never an option!


Jake McKnight

Haüs Of Growlers

Dallas, TX

I researched banks and other lenders to keep our heads above water. Kabbage focused on my business’s track record – not just my personal finances – and gave us a small business loan quickly. They helped us get closer to the finish line by giving us the capital we needed to add new growler designs to our portfolio and to attend additional festivals where we can sell our products.


Anil Karmel

C2 Labs, Inc.

Reston, VA

When we won a new multi-million dollar contract, our current credit sources wouldn’t cover the upfront expenses we had. Kabbage jumpstarted our race with the working capital to hire seven staff members and cover other costs so we could meet our customers’ needs.


Richard Foote

Oregon Crepe Cafe

Salem, OR

After losing everything in our last business due to the recession, we bought a pushcart five years ago to make crepes at markets and events. Over the past few years as our business grew, we searched for the right location to open a brick-and-mortar outpost. We finally found a space that was just right: it had plenty of indoor and covered seating and would allow us to expand our menu. With a little help and funding from Kabbage, our race was accelerated by opening the café four months ago. Today, we make well over 200 crepes a day at fairs and markets, employe five staff members and offer a full menu at our café.


Erin Balogh

Holster Brands

San Marcos, CA

“It takes money to make money” was something we learned quickly when we started our business almost six years ago.

Our company, Holster Brands, was founded after I invented our first product, the Hot Iron Holster. As an ER nurse and busy mom, I often found myself hurrying to get ready in the mornings in my small bathroom. My pedestal sink offered nowhere to put my curling iron, and I needed a solution that kept my two-year-old safe. I couldn’t find a product that solved my problem, so I invented it myself.

Coming up with an idea for a new product was only the beginning. We needed to develop a prototype, apply for a patent and market it. Initially, we used our own savings and borrowed from angel investors. We also approached traditional banks, but were consistently denied because our business was new and had no financial track record.

Our business really accelerated when we learned about Kabbage. The process of getting a loan was quick and was a breath of fresh air after the disappointing trips to banks. Now I have funds available in my Kabbage account to help manage fixed, monthly expenses throughout variable payment schedules from customers.


Sean Riley

Dude Products

Chicago, IL


Before they launched their product line, the four founders of Dude Wipes shared an apartment in Chicago after college. There, they used baby wipes as an accompaniment to the regular toilet paper in their bathrooms. This sparked an idea, and in 2010, they decided to make cleansing wipes specifically for dudes. They found themselves with a thriving business, but they were growing faster than they could fund. After getting a small business loan from Kabbage, they were able to launch a new configuration of Dude Wipes and get more traction in brick-and-mortar retailers. Now they have the security of a line of credit as they gear up for a national launch.


Christine Knowles

Christine’s Designer Closet

Denver, CO

When Christine was undergoing treatment for stage III breast cancer, she found that selling online was a great way for her to make money when she wasn’t able to have an outside job. She self-funded her eBay store, which sells first- and second-hand designer apparel. Since she could only buy more inventory with current profits, she was never able to purchase large quantities. With her first short-term loan through Kabbage, she took advantage of great pricing and turned her online selling into a thriving business. She has since expanded the business to include four additional platforms that have contributed to a 35% sales growth.


Ian Brown

Only Inboards

Dahinda, IL

Ian grew frustrated when sifting through online listings to buy an inboard boat. He started Only Inboards to help others in search of wakeboard boats, ski boats, inboard boats, wakeboard racks and wakeboard towers find what they want. He took a Kabbage loan to boost his inventory and also launched a campaign that continues to drive new customers to his site.


Ingrid B. Christensen

INGCO International

St. Paul, MN

If you need to make sure things don’t get lost in translation, you need INGCO International! Ingrid and her team offer global communication solutions, including translation, interpreting and global marketing in 200+ languages across the world. She helps match opportunities with linguists, based on their skills and qualifications. When Ingrid won a new, large client, her business had to pre-pay a lot of expenses to travel out of state. Kabbage came through with a small business loan that allowed her to pay for all of the upfront costs so she could fulfill her business promise.


Terri Ogden

Still Waters Counseling Services

Greenwood, IN

After a career as an ICU nurse, Terri spent 10 years at home with her children. As a survivor of a traumatic childhood, she started a support group in her home to help others on their healing journeys. It wasn’t long before she began a counseling business to help to serve those around her full time. A small business loan from Kabbage allowed Terri to invest in new equipment and expand office space, so she can now serve families, not just individuals, through counseling.


Rebeccalyn Bilodeau
Spiky Jane’s Coffee and Wicked Grounds

San Francisco, CA

Open since 2009, Wicked Grounds is an LGBT café that aims to provide a safe, welcoming environment for people to be themselves in their community. Since acquiring Wicked Grounds in 2014, Rebeccalyn’s challenge has been to make this beloved brand and San Francisco institution financially sustainable. With help from Kabbage,Rebeccalyn was able to stocked up on inventory to make sure she capitalized on her busiest season. Now, she uses funding to revitalize their retail and online businesses, managing cash flow while radically expanding their inventory.


Ashley Spatula

Ashley Spatula Art and Design

Tucson, AZ

Ashley had the same dream as many artists: to express herself and share what she loves with the world. She has designed and created jewelry for six years, the past four of which she’s turned her passion into a viable business. Working with Kabbage gave Ashley the opportunity to explore new opportunities – including launching a secondary business selling supplies to help pave the way for other artists – without disrupting the designs she has already established.


Madeleine Simon

Madeleine Maternity

Dallas, TX

Madeleine and her husband, Jacob, always had a desire to control their destiny, which made them natural entrepreneurs. Their business idea was born when Madeleine became pregnant and struggled to find stylish maternity clothes that were appropriate for her corporate environment. They felt there was a market for young moms not wanting to sacrifice fashion while being pregnant. Jacob and Madeleine launched Madeleine Maternity – a line of clothes featuring creative designs and an emphasis on great fit, functionality, high quality and affordability. Using their small business loan, they ramped up inventory manufacturing, which enabled them to more than double revenues through fast production.


Kabbage Team

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