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How to Expand Your Business Online by Offering More Products or Services

The goal of most small business owners is to grow their business. Hopefully, increased revenues will help ease cash flow problems and in the end, improve profits. Other advantages of growing business may include the chance to bring in more qualified employees, acquiring more customers and improving credit scores. How to achieve business growth through… Read more

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Expand Your Online Business: Keeping Up with Social Media

Most online retailers already know that the Internet is key to growing their business online. But where does social media fit in? Small businesses can use social media channels to connect with customers and generate more online sales. Below, we’ll talk more about why social media marketing is vital for online retailers and how you… Read more

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4 Steps to Starting an Online Store or Website

Whether your small business has a physical location or not, it’s vital that you have a website if you want to compete in the online marketplace. Local, regional and national consumers are turning to the search engines when they need to find products or services like those that your business offers. If you want to… Read more

Business Expansion

5 Questions to Ask Before Scaling Up Your Business

If you’re experiencing any kind of success as an entrepreneur or small business owner, chances are you’ve toyed with this question at least once: Is it time to expand my business? Scaling up is a very tempting proposition, but it can be nerve-wracking too. Success can mean exponential profit increases, but the risks of failure… Read more

Business Expansion

Charitable Companies: 5 Benefits of Corporate Giving

One of the great privileges of running a small business is being able to give generously to community organizations and charitable causes that matter to you. Every day, small business owners share their success by giving money, products, volunteer hours and charitable outreach efforts to good causes in their communities. Nonprofits and charities are constantly… Read more

Business Expansion, Online Expansion

Tools to Help You Operate an Efficient Online Business


As you race down the road toward success for your online business, there will be potholes from time to time. But what you really need to watch out for are the “big blockers” in your path – the fallen trees, broken-down cars and sneaky speed traps that can halt your progress completely if you aren’t… Read more

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Is it Time to Move into a Larger Office or Retail Space?


We get this question a lot from the Kabbage community. It’s as risky and intimidating as the question of whether or not to open your business in the first place. Scale doesn’t matter: the risk and trepidation are equally real whether you’re moving out of your garage and into a storefront, or if you’re moving… Read more

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Keeping Your Small Business Small – Tips to Stay Hip, Trendy and Small

The “elbow” is a sweet spot for a lot of things: communication, purchase prices and small business. For a company, as size increases so do profits and effort required…until you hit the elbow. At that point, both profits and effort skyrocket. Not every business has the opportunity to choose whether or not to push beyond… Read more