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Five Tips for Managing Employees Working Offsite

Odds are, if you’re reading this article, most of your workforce spends its days across multiple job sites. Whether they are builders conducting home renovations, caterers planning corporate functions or healthcare workers traveling to patient’s homes, their working hours are rarely – if ever – spent in an office. The biggest challenge for these industries is… Read more

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Behind the Business: Coastal Concrete Construction Paves the Way for North Charleston Growth

Tony M. of Coastal Concrete Construction began his small business journey 40 years ago as a fourth-generation concrete finisher. Tony’s business, Coastal Concrete Construction, is a veritable family affair that spans four generations and 40 years. Based in Charleston, S.C., the business specializes in concrete contracting – from curbs, gutters and sidewalks to driveways, patios,… Read more


Managing Expenses for Your Construction Business in the Winter

In some parts of the country, typical construction work tends to drop off in the fall and not pick up again until the spring. This makes it tough for construction firms that still need to pay overhead and provide an income for employees and owners. How can companies manage to stretch six to nine months… Read more

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8 Things to Know about Getting on a Home Improvement Reality Show

Did you ever armchair-quarterback a home improvement reality show, telling the contractors on the screen what to do next and critiquing their skills? Home renovation shows are wildly popular for a reason: Most homeowners deal with contractors at some point and love getting the inside scoop on what works and what doesn’t – at the… Read more

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8 Tips for Work With First Responders During Natural Disasters

Water. Water everywhere. It’s one of the most insidious sources of damage to houses, as hurricane victims are learning. But water damage also is inherent in extinguishing fire…and everyday mishaps can plunge homeowners into the deep end, too. Water damage mitigation specialists are up to their necks these days in work. Once their work is… Read more

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Quarterly Tax Tip Sheet for Self-Employed Entrepreneurs

Self-employed Americans are falling behind on their quarterly taxes – and that means they are vulnerable to fines. The Wall St. Journal reported in August that the IRS has found a 40 percent increase in the number of Americans who didn’t pay enough in estimated quarterly taxes, between 2010 and 2015. That can affect you… Read more

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5 Payroll Tools for Your Construction Business

Payroll may not be the most exciting part of running your construction business, but it is an important part of making sure that your employees are well taken care of. When you’re handling a number of other tasks on a day-to-day basis, it can be easy to neglect your payroll duties or make simple errors… Read more


How to Ask for WiFi When You’re Remodeling Someone’s Home

Respecting a homeowner’s personal space is always a concern when a remodeling project is underway. Now, that extends to the airwaves: Is it okay to ask to access a homeowner’s WiFi network just as you would an electrical outlet? It’s a touchy topic because of security concerns, say etiquette experts. Tapping WiFi is a bigger… Read more


How to Avoid Permit Pain for Your Construction Business

Paperwork takes time, and time equals money. That’s why getting construction permits is such a friction point: While your applications are in a queue, the homeowners’ enthusiasm dims and you lose chances to schedule work. You must juggle cash flow by ordering materials and lining up work without knowing exactly when you’ll be able to… Read more

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How to Expand Your Construction Business

Almost all construction business owners want to grow their business in order to improve revenue and profit. Since many construction companies operate on contracts or even as a seasonal business, owners are eager to find ways to improve revenue during slow periods or the off season. To solve this problem, you may need to grow… Read more