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How to Ask for WiFi When You’re Remodeling Someone’s Home

Respecting a homeowner’s personal space is always a concern when a remodeling project is underway. Now, that extends to the airwaves: Is itRead More


How to Avoid Permit Pain for Your Construction Business

Paperwork takes time, and time equals money. That’s why getting construction permits is such a friction point: While your applications are in aRead More

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How to Expand Your Construction Business

Almost all construction business owners want to grow their business in order to improve revenue and profit. Since many construction companies operate onRead More


10 Tips for Confirming that Your Contractors Are Paid

A canceled check is the classic way to ensure that the payment you made to a subcontractor or supplier landed safely, fulfilling yourRead More


What Payment Priorities Tell You About Your Construction Cash Flow

When a project is nearing the finish line, cash flow turns into a flood. Subcontractors, inspection fees, final deliveries of (expensive) fixtures andRead More


Condo Confusion: 10 Tips for Working with Residents & Communities

Projects for homeowner and condo communities come with a conundrum: Your client is the association board – often through the management firm itRead More


Prefab Precision: Tips for Working on Factory-Built Houses

Prefab houses aren’t built in the traditional way, and that means they hide some unexpected complications when it’s time to repair or renovate.Read More

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7 Construction Podcasts for Your Business

Here are some of the best construction podcasts for construction professionals who want to stay up to date on the industry news, trends,Read More

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Construction Dead Season? 8 Ways to Generate Off-Season Revenue During Slow Months

Construction Dead Zone? 8 Ways to Generate Off-Season Revenue During Slow Months

Winter months often slow or even stall construction work, especially during the holidays when there is so much competing for the buyer’s attention.Read More