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3 Ways to Reduce the Stress of Small Business Payment Processing

Payment processing, especially for small businesses, can be a costly and complicated experience. In today’s market, accepting credit cards and mobile payments is essentially a requirement to be able to compete. But a lot of small business owners don’t even know where to start. A simple Google search might reveal that your bank offers merchant… Read more

Finance & Accounting, Financial Management

5 Ways to Successfully Decrease Business Overhead Expenses

You determine the success of your small business from the top talent you hire, the technology you implement and the direction of your company culture. One of the top ideas on most entrepreneur’s minds is lowering expenses for the New Year. Fortunately, you don’t have to figure this decision on your own. We researched the… Read more

Finance & Accounting, Financial Management

What You Need to Know About Rebuilding After a Natural Disaster

It can be tough to rebuild after a natural disaster. In fact, 40 percent of small businesses don’t reopen their doors after disasters, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). With both hurricanes Harvey and Irma, many small businesses have been negatively affected. If you’re one of those small businesses, here are some tips… Read more

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8 Tips for Working With First Responders During Natural Disasters

Water. Water everywhere. It’s one of the most insidious sources of damage to houses, as hurricane victims are learning. But water damage also is inherent in extinguishing fire…and everyday mishaps can plunge homeowners into the deep end, too. Water damage mitigation specialists are up to their necks these days in work. Once their work is… Read more

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6 Tips for Managing Business Expenses When You Work on Contract

If your small business relies on contract work, you probably experience some of the same revenue spikes and dips that seasonal businesses do. However, it’s even harder to manage expenses with certain kinds of contract work. Contract businesses can’t always count on increased revenue during a certain time of year like a seasonable business can…. Read more

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3 Steps to A Branding Story That Will Get You Funded

You already know how valuable and awesome your company is. But if you want to want to get funded, you need to convince your investors of how valuable and awesome you are. The best way to convince them? By telling them a great story. Companies that get funded are ones that tell the best stories…. Read more

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Grants for Women: What Every Female Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Grants for women are among the many types of funding available to start or grow a small business. And, unlike loans, business grants for women do not have to be repaid. This is a definite plus for any woman who is a recipient of grant money. However, this type of funding is typically very challenging… Read more

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Small Business Tax Infographic: Tax Day Advice

Tax Day is approaching. For small business owners, this day can be stressful if you haven’t prepared. If you’re just now reviewing your taxes and wondering what you need (or what something means), we can help! For accountants who may have fallen behind on your own taxes because of work, Kabbage has your back as… Read more

Finance & Accounting, Financial Management, Taxes

4 Essential Small Business Tax Tips

Your business might only file taxes once a year, but you should make tax planning a year-round effort. Although you feel the effect of taxes on Tax Day, your tax bill is the result of choices you made during the entire tax year. Here are four important tax tips that every small business owner should… Read more

Finance & Accounting, Financial Management, Taxes

3 Pieces of Tax Advice From Successful Accountants

If you’re an entrepreneur who would rather do almost anything but think about taxes, you’re not alone. However, your successful business can grow even faster if you plan with taxes in mind. Below you’ll find some tips we’ve collected from successful accountants. 3 Tax Tips from Successful Accountants Startup Costs Aren’t the Same as Post-Sale… Read more