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Timely Tax Tips From Successful Small Business Owners

As you begin your entrepreneurial journey, nobody can expect you to become an overnight tax expert. At the same time, you probably know that taxes can have a huge impact on your bottom line. In turn, the way that you conduct tax planning can greatly reduce or increase your bill. Hopefully, these tips from successful… Read more

Finance & Accounting, Financial Management, Taxes

Tax Tips for Accountants to Share

As an accountant, you already know you can provide clients with many valuable benefits. For instance, you can help them with tax planning, finding all the deductions they are entitled to and lowering the risk of an audit. To help market your services, try reaching out to clients online and offering them information they can… Read more

Finance & Accounting, Financial Management

How to Get Comfortable with Small Business Finances

When you start a new business, you kick-start a whole lot of financial and accounting tasks that might be over your head. Keeping up with your business finances can be intimidating and downright frustrating for entrepreneurs who didn’t major in finance. So, how can you get more comfortable with managing your business’ day-to-day financial needs?… Read more

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5 Ways Restaurant Loans Support Your Business

If you own a restaurant, you probably know that the restaurant business can be one of the toughest, yet most rewarding industries to work in. From managing inventory to hiring and training staff, restaurant owners have to invest a significant amount of both time and money in order to keep things running smoothly. At one… Read more

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10 Funding Options for Small Business Owners

Whether you need to stock your shelves, rent a storefront, hire an employee, invest in equipment or handle countless other expenses, you need money to get your business started and to help it thrive. This statement is true for every single small business owner, but the type of funding business owners use varies from situation… Read more

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How to Improve Business: 4 Ways You May Be Leaking Profits

Looking for ways to increase your profits? Chances are the first thing you’ll look for are ways to increase sales. But sales alone don’t determine profits. If you want to make your business more profitable overall, you should also keep an eye out for places where your business may be leaking profits. How to Improve… Read more

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How to Keep Your Business Growing During a Recession

Recent volatility in the stock market, concern about global instability and other economic challenges are leading some economic observers to believe that the U.S. economy is heading for a recession in 2016. This might sound like bad news, especially when so many business owners have just recently recovered from the Great Recession and years of… Read more

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The Best Small Business Resources: Hiring and Financial Management Tools

In this series about the best small business resources, we will share how the great tools of today make it easier to grow your business and stay productive, organized and efficient. Check out this list of 6 hiring and financial management tools for small businesses. The Top Hiring Tools Bullhorn Reach What it does: Bullhorn… Read more

Finance & Accounting, Financial Management

The Best Financial Resources for Your Business

Finance probably isn’t your favorite aspect of running your business, but it’s still an essential one. The great news is that you don’t have to be an expert to take advantage of some of the best financial resources available online. Here, get the lowdown on the best places to learn more about small business finances…. Read more

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My Money Story Series: Credit Karma Talks Finances, Credit and Debt | Webinar Recap

  Thanks to all the attendees of our webinar, My Money Story Series: Credit Karma Talks Finances, Credit and Debt, featuring Jennifer Micieli, from Credit Karma If you missed the webinar, you can view the video playback on our Kabbage KamWebinars YouTube Channel and view the slides on our SlideShare. Both the slides and video are also embedded… Read more