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Quarterly Tax Tip Sheet for Self-Employed Entrepreneurs

Self-employed Americans are falling behind on their quarterly taxes – and that means they are vulnerable to fines. The Wall St. Journal reported in August that the IRS has found a 40 percent increase in the number of Americans who didn’t pay enough in estimated quarterly taxes, between 2010 and 2015. That can affect you… Read more

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Do Your Invoicing Methods Affect Your Cash Flow?

In many industries, small business owners and freelancers rely on invoicing to get paid. If your invoicing process has holes, that can negatively affect your cash flow, and you should learn effective invoice strategies to improve your cash flow. Businesses live and die by cash flow— if you don’t have enough cash on hand, you… Read more

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6 Tips for Managing Business Expenses When You Work on Contract

If your small business relies on contract work, you probably experience some of the same revenue spikes and dips that seasonal businesses do. However, it’s even harder to manage expenses with certain kinds of contract work. Contract businesses can’t always count on increased revenue during a certain time of year like a seasonable business can…. Read more

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3 Steps to A Branding Story That Will Get You Funded

You already know how valuable and awesome your company is. But if you want to want to get funded, you need to convince your investors of how valuable and awesome you are. The best way to convince them? By telling them a great story. Companies that get funded are ones that tell the best stories…. Read more

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3 Ways to Make the Most of a Payroll Loan

Sometimes you might have important bills that just can’t wait for payroll. In this case, it might be tempting to use a payroll loan to access cash quickly and conveniently. While most financial experts would advise people to use this kind of loan only if it’s absolutely necessary, there may be times when you have to take one… Read more

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7 Things to Consider Before Buying Equipment for Your Small Business


Buying equipment for a new business is an important, yet often stressful part of getting ready to launch. Investing hard-earned capital into fixed assets before you even make your first sale can be a nail-biting experience for even the most confident entrepreneur. To make the right purchases, it’s essential to comparison shop and carefully assess… Read more

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Grants for Women: What Every Female Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Grants for women are among the many types of funding available to start or grow a small business. And, unlike loans, business grants for women do not have to be repaid. This is a definite plus for any woman who is a recipient of grant money. However, this type of funding is typically very challenging… Read more

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5 Cash Flow Tips for Seasonal Businesses

Many entrepreneurs love running very lucrative seasonal businesses. Some of examples of these types of businesses include landscaping companies, costume shops and tax preparation offices. However, many seasonal business owners struggle to manage cash flow because they have some fixed operating expenses that have to be paid throughout the year and only can enjoy peak… Read more

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Small Business Tax Infographic: Tax Day Advice

Tax Day is approaching. For small business owners, this day can be stressful if you haven’t prepared. If you’re just now reviewing your taxes and wondering what you need (or what something means), we can help! For accountants who may have fallen behind on your own taxes because of work, Kabbage has your back as… Read more

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4 Essential Small Business Tax Tips

Your business might only file taxes once a year, but you should make tax planning a year-round effort. Although you feel the effect of taxes on Tax Day, your tax bill is the result of choices you made during the entire tax year. Here are four important tax tips that every small business owner should… Read more