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6 Important Lending Terms for Business Owners to Know

Whether you’re in the beginning stages of launching your small business or have been around for 20 years, seeking business financing can feel overwhelming. Having a good grasp of the essential terms to make an informed decision about financing your business can make this process much more comfortable for you. What’s the difference between a… Read more

Finance & Accounting, Small Business Loans

Which Business Loan Is Right for Your Small Business?

Too many American business owners don’t have the capital they need to grow because they fear lenders will deny their credit applications. Even when facing financial difficulties, most businesses shy away from debt. A 2016 survey by the Federal Reserve bank, reported that 76 percent of businesses used their own funds to overcome financial challenges…. Read more

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An Overview of Retail Loans

The phrase “retail loans” refers to loans obtained from retail lenders. However, in some cases, the phrase can also apply to loans taken out by retailers. To shed some light on the similarities and differences between these two definitions, here is an overview and a look at some related concepts: What are retail lenders? Retail… Read more

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3 Ways to Make the Most of a Payroll Loan

Sometimes you might have important bills that just can’t wait for payroll. In this case, it might be tempting to use a payroll loan to access cash quickly and conveniently. While most financial experts would advise people to use this kind of loan only if it’s absolutely necessary, there may be times when you have to take one… Read more

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7 Things to Consider Before Buying Equipment for Your Small Business


Buying equipment for a new business is an important, yet often stressful part of getting ready to launch. Investing hard-earned capital into fixed assets before you even make your first sale can be a nail-biting experience for even the most confident entrepreneur. To make the right purchases, it’s essential to comparison shop and carefully assess… Read more

Finance & Accounting, Small Business Loans

What is an SBA Express Loan?

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) provides a variety of resources and opportunities that help entrepreneurs get the help they need to launch their small business. The SBA collaborates with commercial lenders to offer multiple loan programs that offer funding for small businesses. The SBA Express loan is part of the 7(a) loan program and… Read more

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Small Business Funding Options: Which is Right for You?

Financing can be tricky for small businesses. Some loans are good for startups, and others are better for established businesses. This guide can help you understand the benefits of different types of loans to help you determine what is right for you. Your guide to small business funding options Bank Loans While most national lenders… Read more

Finance & Accounting, Small Business Loans

Long-Term vs. Short-Term Business Loans

From handling short-term cash shortages to hiring additional staff for seasonal needs, there are many reasons why a business might want to obtain additional funding. Though the funding amount needed is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for a lender, it is not the only thing that businesses should keep in… Read more

Finance & Accounting, Small Business Loans

A Brief History of Online Lending

It took a while for the idea of internet lending to really catch on, but the past decade has seen the emergence of many successful internet lenders. Certainly, online lending platforms may have disrupted the loan industry recently; but they mostly used financial technology, often called fintech, to improve upon lending models that have existed for… Read more

Finance & Accounting, Small Business Loans

5 Tips On Getting an Industry-Specific Loan

Industry-specific loans can provide you with working capital when you need it. Because these loans are specially designed for the unique needs of your industry, they often involve a more streamlined application process, better rates of approval and a product that is simply more effective for your needs. However, even when applying for an industry-specific… Read more