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Category Archives: Taxes

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6 Top Tax and Bookkeeping Books for Small Business Owners

A quick Google search on missed tax deductions will bring up articles listing anywhere from seven to as many as 50 commonly missedRead More

Finance & Accounting, Taxes

The Avalara Small Business Guide to Sales Tax

Kabbage® now offers an automated and agnostic financing solution for master agent resellers serving small businesses. The new Kabbage financing solution provides up-front commissions and recurring revenue opportunities while supplying small businesses an ongoing funding source for everyday needs.

Sales tax is complicated, and it’s not likely to get easier anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean it has to eat up resourcesRead More

Finance & Accounting, Taxes

Will My Personal Taxes Affect My Business Taxes?

Tax season brings many questions and complexities for small business owners, and one of the biggest questions is related to business taxes vs.Read More

Finance & Accounting, Taxes

A Guide to Section 179 for Small Business Owners

Updated September 2018 It’s never too early to focus on upcoming taxes. Naturally, small businesses want to maximize their deductions to minimize taxes.Read More

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Quarterly Tax Tip Sheet for Self-Employed Entrepreneurs

No matter the business, quarterly taxes are important to keep up with to avoid potential fines. The Wall St. Journal reported in AugustRead More

Finance & Accounting, Financial Management, Taxes

Small Business Tax Infographic: Tax Day Advice

Tax Day is approaching. For small business owners, this day can be stressful if you haven’t prepared. If you’re just now reviewing yourRead More

Finance & Accounting, Financial Management, Taxes

4 Essential Small Business Tax Tips

Your business might only file taxes once a year, but you should make tax planning a year-round effort. Although you feel the effectRead More

Finance & Accounting, Financial Management, Taxes

3 Pieces of Tax Advice From Successful Accountants

If you’re an entrepreneur who would rather do almost anything but think about taxes, you’re not alone. However, your successful business can growRead More

Finance & Accounting, Financial Management, Taxes

Timely Tax Tips From Successful Small Business Owners

As you begin your entrepreneurial journey, nobody can expect you to become an overnight tax expert. At the same time, you probably knowRead More

Finance & Accounting, Financial Management, Taxes

Tax Tips for Accountants to Share

As an accountant, you already know you can provide clients with many valuable benefits. For instance, you can help them with tax planning,Read More