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Category Archives: Advertising

Advertising, Digital Marketing, Marketing, Social Media

How Much Should You Spend on Facebook Ads?

For anybody considering using Facebook advertising for business, this is pretty much the #1 question. It’s also nearly impossible to answer in itsRead More

Advertising, Branding Your Business, Business Plan, Marketing, SEO, Shipping, Small Business Tools, Starting A Business, Website Design

4 Things You Need to Know Before Setting Up an Online Store

More than half a million Americans start businesses every month. Some businesses succeed. Many fail. When the latter happens it isn’t necessarily forRead More

Advertising, Marketing, Social Media

Facebook Ad Academy: Complete Beginner’s Resource Guide to Learning How to Run Ads on Facebook

Facebook Ad Academy: Complete Beginner's Resource Guide to Learning How to Run Ads on Facebook

Facebook ads are one of the most powerful and popular ways for small businesses to advertise online – but depending on your perspective,Read More

Advertising, Customer Marketing, Email Marketing, Local Marketing, Marketing

10 Easy Ways to Promote Your Business

10 Easy Ways to Promote Your Business

As a business owner, you need to constantly come up with creative ways to increase your sales, reputation and clients. To stay aheadRead More

Advertising, Local Marketing, Marketing

High-Tech Local Advertising: Is Location-Based Advertising Right for Your Business?

Location-Based Advertising

The old standby of Yellow Page print ads and local flyers simply doesn’t do the trick anymore. In today’s mobile society, it’s notRead More

Advertising, Local Marketing, Marketing

5 Valuable Ways to Stretch a Small Budget with Offline Advertising


Online marketing strategies are a necessity for any growing business. However, that doesn’t mean you should neglect offline advertising and marketing techniques altogether.Read More

Advertising, Customer Marketing, Marketing

11 Affordable Advertising Ideas Perfect for Your Small Business

Advertising Ideas

Small businesses are always looking for smart, cost-effective ways to advertise. But how can small businesses compete in a world that is alreadyRead More

Advertising, Customer Marketing, Marketing

The Single Most Effective Form of Online Advertising for Small Business Owners


The component I love most about owning a digital marketing agency is that I get to meet with every kind of small businessRead More

Advertising, Content Marketing, Marketing, PR

One Remarkable Way to Get Free Press for Your Small Business


It can be hard to get publicity for a growing or small business. Most of the time, the media only thinks the biggestRead More

Advertising, Finance & Accounting, Financial Management, Marketing

The Top Advertising Tactics You Need to Budget For


With business budgets being what they are — tight and non-negotiable — it’s easier to avoid spending on a given category completely thanRead More