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How to Improve the Readability of Your Blog Posts — and 6 Tools to Help

How to Improve the Readability of Your Blog Posts, and 6 Tools to Help

It’s not enough to regularly update your blog. That’s a good first step for your small business, but it’s also necessary to make sure each post is easily readable. So, what does that mean exactly? Think of readability as a measure of how easy it is for people of all knowledge levels to understand what… Read more

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Get Ahead of Your Online Marketing Strategy Today: An 8,000+ Word Guide

The in-depth 8,000+ word marketing strategy guide for your online store.

Welcome to Kabbage’s in-depth digital marketing strategic guide! This guide is approximately 8,000 words (or 28 pages) and contains more than 150 tips on creating a killer marketing strategy for your online store. If your ecommerce store isn’t getting the traffic or sales you need, jumpstart your marketing strategy today with this guide. We know it’s… Read more

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8 Tips to Improve Your Business Writing Skills And Grow

The importance of good, well-written content is totally underestimated in the business world. It’s generally assumed that people will just take what you give them, but businesses quickly realize the hard way that this is just not the case. No matter the size of your business, what your customers want to see is content that’s… Read more

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5 Simple Steps to Go from Blogger to eCommerce Entrepreneur

Selling ideas through words is rewarding. Imparting knowledge and your own personal expertise in a subject area will inspire your readers to take action and potentially do something great. But how do you switch from selling ideas to selling products? Going from blogger to a successful eCommerce entrepreneur can be a tricky transition because there… Read more

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Kabbage’s New Instagram Initiative

Instagram is often thought of as a platform for celebrities, bloggers, and millennials. So where does Kabbage, a financial technology company, fit in? By putting our money where our mouth is, literally. We are excited to unveil a new direction for our Instagram page.   Kabbage’s New Instagram Initiative Week in the Life  Our new… Read more

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The Best Small Business Resources: Marketing Tools

In this series about the best small business resources, we will share how the great tools of today make it easier to grow your business and stay productive, organized and efficient. Check out this list of 7 marketing tools for small businesses. The Most Reputable Marketing Tools Buffer What it does: Buffer for Business is… Read more

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Should Your Small Business Start a Blog?

Launching and maintaining a blog might seem daunting, but you should seriously consider it if you want your small business to have a solid online presence. A blog can work magic in ways that a company website can’t on its own. While a website is typically used to display, promote and sell products, a blog… Read more

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How to Write for Your Small Business Blog

One of the biggest obstacles business owners face when starting a small business blog is knowing what to write about. Producing great content can increase your business’ visibility, help potential customers find you online and build relationships with your readers. But it all starts with a list of content ideas that will appeal to your… Read more

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PicMonkey: Your Insanely Simple Alternative to Photoshop

PicMonkey: Your Insanely Simple Alternative to Photoshop

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use photo editor to add pizzazz to your images, PicMonkey is the answer. This powerful photo editor is web-based, so there’s nothing to download or install, and it’s perfect for the novice – you don’t need any design experience to create great-looking, professional images with this alternative to Photoshop. They… Read more

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8 Tools to Help You Quickly and Easily Find Content to Share on Social Media

8 Tools to Help You Quickly and Easily Find Content to Share on Social Media

Sharing great content helps you build relationships and establish credibility within your industry, but sifting through the growing number of content sources hoping to find the right blog post or relevant article can be frustrating and time consuming. It’s called content curation, but it doesn’t have to be painful. With the right tools, the task… Read more