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Customer Service Initiatives Strategies to Kill it on Small Business Saturday


According to the latest data from Kabbage’s Small Business Growth Index, small business optimism is at a three-year high with 95 percent of small business owners expecting to grow their revenue in 2015. To fuel this growth, 52 percent of surveyed small business owners intend to invest in marketing. Small Business Saturday (happening on November… Read more

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5 Things Your Small Biz is Doing That’s Making You Lose Money to

5 Things Your Small Biz is Doing That's Making You Lose Money to

Have you ever accidentally bought something off of Amazon? It was just too easy. Your finger gently caressed the buy button and before you knew it, their one-click purchase snared you in its trap again! It’s one of the biggest allures of online shopping. You want an experience that is so intuitive it seems natural… Read more

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Gift Guide: Holiday Gift Ideas to Send Your Clients

Holiday Gift Ideas to Send Your Clients

The season of giving offers service-based businesses the perfect opportunity to build good will and to show appreciation for their customers by sending well-thought out and interesting gifts. What makes a gift that a client will enjoy? Choose something that shows genuine appreciation, that takes some thought and time to come up with and that… Read more

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How PC Will Your Small Business Be This Holiday Season?

How PC Will Your Small Business Be This Holiday Season?

It’s a dilemma that strikes fear and confusion in the hearts of business owners everywhere: how to greet customers during the holiday season. Many business owners wonder if they will offend their Christmas-loving clients with an e-card declaring, “Happy Holidays.” And what about Hanukkah and Kwanzaa? The question is a valid one. Businesses obviously don’t… Read more

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The Overlooked Way to Reduce Support Staff Turnover in Your Small Business


Small business owners often think of themselves as being great employers – they tend to pride themselves on creating a fun, supportive place to work, and just by virtue of being “small” they tend to believe in treating their staff like valued members of the team, without the anonymity and bureaucracy of a large company…. Read more


New Sustainable Research Shows What Being Sustainable Means in 2015

sustainable business 2015

Small businesses occupy somewhere between 30 and 50 percent of commercial spaces in the United States. Within those billions of square feet lies the opportunity to embrace sustainable initiatives that can make a real difference to the environment. As a business owner, you can adopt earth-friendly practices that can help you save money and save… Read more


The Easiest Way to Go Green That You’re Overlooking: Green and Sustainable Shipping Practices


Most of us try to use eco-friendly practices in our businesses whenever possible, simply because it’s the right thing to do. But did you know that being green can have a positive effect on your bottom line? A new study by West Monroe Partners shows that more than half of consumers are willing to pay… Read more

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10 Ways to Get Customers to Dump You Before Valentine’s Day

If your business is struggling to attract brand advocates, generate referrals, or suffering from a high customer defection rate, now might be a good time for you to determine whether any of these ten customer relationship breakers could be to blame.   When you think about customers as a group, it’s easy to lose sight… Read more

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How Do You Respond to Chargebacks?

Running a small business means keeping your customers happy. A lot of the time, though, this can be way more complicated than it sounds. Consumers are complicated; sometimes they change their minds, sometimes there is a mix-up (fraudulent use), and yet other times a product turned out to not work correctly, not fit just right,… Read more