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4 Ways Your Small Business Benefits from Referrals

As a small business, word of mouth marketing is a reliable and cost-effective way to grow your business. Fortunately, we live in a world where people generally root for and want to see small businesses succeed. And whether it be a face-to-face conversation, text or social media message, word of mouth has a way of… Read more

Customer Loyalty, Customer Service, Sustainability

How to Design an Effective Loyalty Program for Your Patrons

Serving your first customer ever is always special and memorable for any entrepreneur. However, as time passes and you get the hang of the trade, competition becomes more apparent. You begin to recognize how important it is to increase customer acquisitions and retain existing customers. And this is where a common problem ensues. Some of… Read more

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Moving Your Company into the Digital Sphere? Here’s What You Need to Know

Contemporary consumers live online. Everything from product research to purchasing happens over the internet. As a small business, however, it’s not always easy to reach that connected audience. Moving and responding in the online world is tough enough for big brands – for smaller businesses it can seem downright overwhelming. There’s good news, though. By… Read more


New Sustainable Research Shows What Being Sustainable Means in 2015

sustainable business 2015

Small businesses occupy somewhere between 30 and 50 percent of commercial spaces in the United States. Within those billions of square feet lies the opportunity to embrace sustainable initiatives that can make a real difference to the environment. As a business owner, you can adopt earth-friendly practices that can help you save money and save… Read more


The Easiest Way to Go Green That You’re Overlooking: Green and Sustainable Shipping Practices


Most of us try to use eco-friendly practices in our businesses whenever possible, simply because it’s the right thing to do. But did you know that being green can have a positive effect on your bottom line? A new study by West Monroe Partners shows that more than half of consumers are willing to pay… Read more


Go Green to Get New Customers

There are countless ways to market your products and services. Most of these are focused on the single goal of increasing sales.  However, integrating eco-friendly or “green” strategies into your marketing plan is not only a strategic business decision but it’s also good for the environment. Environmental stewardship is no longer only fueled by concern… Read more


Why You Should Aim For a Zero-Waste Policy

As more people are becoming environmentally conscious and friendly, businesses are doing the same and picking up zero waste policies. Zero waste is a form of sustainability that involves reusing all resources to decrease the total environmental impact. Basically, the zero waste philosophy entails redesigning the entire life cycle of a product so that every… Read more


Environmental Regulations Your Business Needs To Know About

Small businesses can pay big time when it comes to not following through on regulatory compliance instituted by the government. One of the biggest areas of regulations that small business owners are expected to comply with are environmental policies. Environmental regulations are monitored by the Environmental Protection Agency. It is estimated by the Small Business… Read more

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How To Engage Your Employees in Sustainability

Company culture is a huge part of any business. Building up a company culture of sustainability is a great way to help our environment and perpetuate the importance of conservation. A lot of businesses gladly volunteer for different organizations around the country to create a company culture of charity, which really helps engage employees and… Read more


How To Prevent Your Company From Getting Involved in A Greenwashing Scandal

In this day and age sustainability is not just an option, but also an expectation. In the past fifty years environmental education has drastically increased to the point where most people really care about and worry about how our earth is being treated. It is not enough for individuals to take a stand and change… Read more